The marketing sector is a highly penetrated industry, filled with talented marketing professionals seeking jobs that will allow them to sufficiently demonstrate their expertise. As a marketing recruitment agency, we also know businesses want nothing less than the top marketers to join their organizations.

That’s why every effort counts when working to set yourself apart in a crowded market. Taking advantage of existing marketing certifications can be used to sharpen your skill set and make you a leading candidate for that new job.

Marketing Recruitment Agency’s Top Certifications for Marketers in 2018

There may have been a few significant changes since the last time you updated your knowledge with popular certifications. To guide you in the right path, we’ve compiled a list of the top certifications digital marketing recruiters are going to look for in the new year.

1. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

marketing recruitment agency digital marketing recruiters certifications

Source: Hootsuite

Hootsuite, one of the most widely-used social media management platforms, offers a variety of social media marketing training across all levels. From an introductory course to an advanced social advertising certification, Hootsuite helps marketers develop fundamental social marketing skills to drive valuable impact and results.

The Social Marketing Certification tests your knowledge of core concepts of social media marketing and proves your expertise as a social marketing master. Before taking the 60-question online exam to earn the certification, Hootsuite suggests taking their series of free online courses.

As digital marketing recruiters, we know the impact social media has on brands’ digital strategies is undeniable. When we look for top social marketers, we look for those that make an effort to sharpen up their skills to truly stand out from the crowd.

Thus, taking advantage of courses that are readily available to you, such as Hootsuite’s social media training courses, is a painless way to set yourself up as the leading candidate. Best of all, once you pass the exam, the certification never expires and is yours to keep!

Where to get it: Hootsuite Academy

Cost: The cost of the three different types of social media certifications varies:

  • Social Marketing Certification: $199
  • Advanced Social Advertising Courseware and Certification: $249
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification: $999

2. Google AdWords Certification

marketing recruitment agency digital marketing recruiters certifications

Source: Google

As an experienced marketing recruitment agency and digital marketers ourselves, we know the magnitude of Google AdWords in the digital space. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or jumpstarting your career, you’ve certainly become familiar with the concept of AdWords. When used strategically, it’s extremely effective for businesses that are looking to boost ROI.

The Google AdWords certification is a professional credential that is given to those that are able to demonstrate basic and advanced knowledge of AdWords, and is valid for one year.

To become AdWords certified, you must earn the Adwords certification and pass two exams. The program covers seven modules that require you to complete the Adwords Fundamentals exam as well as another area (search, display, mobile, video, or shopping advertising) to get fully certified.

Where to get it: Start by signing up for Google Partners

Cost: Free

3. Digital Garage

marketing recruitment agency digital marketing recruiters certifications

Source: Google

Google’s Digital Garage offers free tutorials on everything digital marketing – it’s essentially a one-stop shop for becoming a proficient digital marketer. From search to video marketing, you can complete the entire online course comprised of 26 topics to earn a certification from Google and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe.

This program is for beginners seeking to learn the basics of digital marketing and for any marketers that want to brush up on their core marketing skills.

Marketing recruitment agencies value certifications from platforms like Google. If you’re stepping into the world of digital marketing, obtaining a certification is a great way to start.

Where to get it: Digital Garage

Cost: Free

4. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

marketing recruitment agency digital marketing recruiters certifications

Source: Hubspot

As a marketing recruitment agency, we agree that content is king in today’s digital space. Content is a core pillar of effective digital marketing and it’s important for all marketers to possess writing and communication skills.

The HubSpot Content Marketing Certification recognizes marketers who create content and promote it to drive leads and customers. The course is great for content creators and covers tips for building scalable, repeatable processes and a valuable content library.

HubSpot offers several other trainings and certifications through HubSpot Academy to help you become a master of your craft including inbound, email, and sales techniques. Fortunately, they’re all free so ensure you take advantage of them as these are highly recognizable and great for instilling core marketing principles.

Where to get it: HubSpot Academy

Cost: Free

5. Facebook BluePrint Certification

marketing recruitment agency digital marketing recruiters certifications

Source: Facebook

Facebook advertising is an incredibly effective way for brands to reach their target audiences and drive brand awareness. As digital marketing recruiters, we recognize the value that marketing professionals who are proficient with advertising on Facebook bring to the table.

This program offers two certifications – the Facebook Certified Planning Professional and the Facebook Certified Buying Professional. These certifications are meant for marketers who work and manage Facebook Pages and advertising campaigns. The Planning Professional will need to show expertise in planing successful campaigns on Facebook, targeting audiences for maximum impact, optimizing reach and frequency, along with other similar areas. The Buying Professional will need to demonstrate proficiency in certain areas including meeting and reporting ad KPIs, leveraging consumer insights, and understanding the Facebook Pixel.

Each certification is valid for one year and comprises of two exams. You may take the exams in any order, but Facebook recommends taking them in the order listed on their website. They’re administered through the Pearson VUE website.

The Blueprint Certification is the only one formally recognized by Facebook. According to Facebook, it’s the most advanced level in their Blueprint program and is designed to test your Facebook marketing skills to the fullest extent.

Where to get it: Start with Facebook BluePrint Certification

Cost: $150 for each exam

Final Words

Both marketing recruitment agencies and businesses regard marketing professionals who have recognized certifications as a bonus qualification.

There’s undoubtedly a myriad of digital courses and certifications that are available online (and many that are free) for marketers who are looking to amplify their skills and get ahead in the constantly-evolving digital space. The ones listed above can be used as a starting guide to ensure you possess the core skills and capabilities digital marketing recruiters look for in top candidates. Don’t fall behind – make sure you’re ready for the world of digital marketing in 2018!