In my earlier posts What is Inbound Marketing and What is Inbound Marketing Part 2 I explained the basics of Inbound Marketing. Now most of the readers who have read both of these posts understand the basics of Inbound Marketing. Some of the readers also asked me to write a post on various Inbound Marketing Strategies and Tactics. But before reading further please read my earlier posts on Inbound Marketing if you haven’t read already. Here are the top 5 Inbound Marketing Strategies:

Moral Bribe:What ever you may call it but giving prospects ebook, webinars or another piece of content is just a kind of bribe in order to get their contact details. If you use this method intelligently then you can build a list of prospects who are interested in your product/service. And by educating them through your blog posts, eBooks, Webinars etc. you can explain why they need your product and how it can help them.

Build Relationships: Building relationships with your audience must be one of your top most priorities if it’s not already. Like in real life people are more comfortable to do business with people whom they know . So building relationships is one of the primary goals of an Inbound Marketing strategists. Let me remind you that this is one of the most difficult part of any marketing strategy. You are not going to gain trust of your customers in one day . You need to work consistently in order to accomplish this goal.

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Establish yourself as an Expert: Just have a look at Marketo or Hubspot. These are two providers of Inbound Marketing software and they produce a lot of content in the forms of eBooks, White papers, Market Studies, Webinars . By providing this content for free they have established themselves as the leader in Inbound Marketing Software space. Hubspot and Inbound Marketing have become synonymous. So you can follow the strategy used by them and create interesting content which can help your audience in their business goals and in this way you will become an expert in the eyes of your audience.

Communicate like a friend: In this world nobody is interested in your problems, people just want to find solutions to their own problems and unfortunately they don’t have enough time to even talk with you about your problems. This is where most people make mistakes. If you will take interest in problems of your clients then they will trust you even more and you can be sure of repetitive business from them. Keep your communication as personal as possible.

Be Patient: Most of the people fail in Inbound Marketing because they don’t have patience to see their visitors convert into prospects and then these prospects into clients. Inbound Marketing like any other marketing strategy requires time . So if you want to see results then please make a plan, execute it and wait.

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