Welcome to another Whiteboard Friday video! In this session, we provide information on the top 4 free sales intelligence tools. The video gives details on how to maximize Google alerts, social alerts, RSS feeds/news subscriptions, and job change alerts. Watch the video to find out how to leverage these free, powerful tools to help you sell more and close more deals! Here is the free sales intelligence video in case you are reading this through RSS.

Greetings B2B sales fans and welcome to another edition of Sales Intelligence Whiteboards. Today we want to talk to about some ways that you can gather sales intelligence through free sources on the Web. So I’ve written four up here. We’ll go through each in detail, and then if you have questions, feel free to email me afterwards.

So everyone knows now that sales intelligence is a way to gather data that can be helpful and useful in the sales process. This data can be information about the companies you’re selling to. It can be information about the people you’re selling to, or even the ideas and the concepts of the things you’re selling.

So for starters we’ve got these four ways, and I want to go through each one and just talk to you a little bit about how you can enable them for yourself.

So Google Alerts is always a very common one. People start off with this one. There are a lot of sales professionals that are using Google Alerts, but not necessarily using them to their fullest extent. So what we would recommend with Google Alerts is you take the top prospects that you’re currently working, the deals that you have in the pipeline, and take those company names and throw them into Google Alert. Now if there a generic name, like Universal or something that is a common word, make sure to add
in some key attributing characteristics or characters to that so that it will mine it out. The other thing that you can do is you can put the product or offer that you sell into Google Alerts and add things like vendor or things like looking to purchase, and that way it might find some of these obscure areas where people are looking to find the stuff that you’re selling. So that’s a common way to use Google Alerts in a very sophisticated manner.

The next on the list is social alerts. Social alerts are becoming very big and very important in selling. There are a couple of ways that you can do this. Most people are using tools like HootSuite or Sprout Social to monitor their social campaigns. There are other tools out there. There’s one that is Twilerts. I don’t know if you’ve seen this. Twilerts is worth taking a look at. That’s a service that basically will mine social Twitter and find things that match up with the concepts that you’re looking for.
Very similar to Google Alerts, but over the social media sphere.

So the third one, this is probably a little less common, but it’s very important. Nowadays, companies are producing content on a regular basis, and your prospect is probably doing the same. So whether they’ve got a newsfeed or a blog feed, there’s information that’s emanating from their website, and you can basically capture this info through an RSS subscription. So we recommend that everyone goes and sets up a Google Reader account, and then you go to those specific customer websites, find the newsfeed, find the blog feed, and store that site RSS into your reader, and that way you get that information flowing to you on a regular basis. You can get some apps and phone apps that allow you to easily read through RSS subscriptions, or you can go to Google Reader and check it on a daily basis. You can also get this information emailed to you if you care to do that. So this is a really good tool.

This is one of my favorites. So job change alerts, very valuable. We’ve seen lately with our customers and in the marketplace that job change alerts are becoming a really great tool for sales intelligence. And the reason behind this is twofold. One, let’s say that you’ve got a happy customer. They’ve already bought your product, and they’re already using it. But then that client or that person or that customer ends up going to a new company. You want to be alerted to that immediately so you can call them up and say, “Hey, you were happy with the service at the last company. Let’s get this thing started as your new role.” That way we can kick start a new sales cycle and a new opportunity with a high likelihood of close.

The other thing that we’re seeing is that when you’re working a deal, you may have a champion, you may have identified a number of players in the process with your target customer, and then one of them leaves. You’ve got the opportunity then to reestablish who that champion may be inside of the company you’re selling to, but then also go out to the new firm where this person went and try to initiate a sales cycle there.

So there’s a bunch of different ways that you can get job change alerts. Our favorite is a little bit biased. We’ve created a service that we offer online for free. It’s at JobChangeAlerts.com. Basically, you just go there, you connect your LinkedIn account, and it’s going to scrape all the people that you’re connected to on LinkedIn and tell you when they make job changes. Now LinkedIn itself does this, but they don’t present it in a usable way. So you’ll get a daily alert that makes a lot of sense, and it’s easy to use to connect with your targets and the people that you’re connected with.

So that’s all for now for 4 Free Way to Use Sales Intelligence. Hopefully, this is helpful. If you have any needs for a deeper dive into any of these things, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to answer any questions you’ve got. Also the comment section below in the blog, you can submit a question there and we’ll answer it very soon. We look forward to seeing you on the next Whiteboard Friday. Thanks.

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