When you’re looking to get the word out about your business, it may be more beneficial than you think to hire a copywriter.

Your time is valuable. Your resources are limited. And to put it bluntly: you may not be the best person suited to the task of writing about your business.

Let’s explore hiring a professional to write your marketing copy a little further.

12 Reasons You Should Hire a Copywriter Today

Better Relate to Your Audience – No one knows your business like you do. After all, you put the time and effort into becoming a subject matter expert. You know your products, services and offerings, and you are more passionate than you could expect another person to be. But…

There is such a thing as being too close to your business. A good copywriter will serve as an experienced and impartial expert who can help you better relate to your audience. They will help you to speak in a casual, yet still professional tone. They will help you to eliminate all the industry lingo that will muddle your marketing and cause your potential customers to head the other way.

A good copywriter will put together strong, impartial copy that persuades your customers to take action.

Improve Positioning – A professional copywriter will be on the lookout for what makes their client different than the competition. They will ask questions and root out a unique selling proposition (USP). This is simply what you do that offers the customer a unique value. That USP can be used to persuade your readers to act. It can result in business coming to you, versus the other guy.

Rank Your Website in the Search Engines – The Internet is a crowded place, and it’s easy to fall into a land of anonymity. A website copywriter will help your business rank well in the search engines. When your website and online marketing platforms gain this visibility, it can lead to more opportunities and more business. A copywriter will know how to help you sell more with the strategic use of landing pages and help your business stand out in a crowd.

Create Persuasive Copy – Having a website that people like is great, but it’s not enough. You are in business and the ultimate goal is to convince people who read your marketing materials to take action. Your audience has a problem that led them in your direction.

A good copywriter will utilize your marketing to convince your customer that you are the solution. They will use emotional language to help your reader get to know, like and trust you. They will be able to craft more enticing headlines, copy, and calls to action designed to entice your audience. Once that occurs it’s easier to convince them to act.

Tell a Memorable Story – The goal for your business is to remain top of mind with your customers. How do you do that? By telling stories your customers will remember. A copywriter will know where to look for your company’s most magnetic stories, and he will know how to turn them into something that will leave your company top of mind.

Adapt to Different Formats – A copywriter will help you mold your best content to the medium. Your blog shouldn’t be filled with hard sell content, like your landing pages. A sales letter shouldn’t simply regurgitate website information. When you hire a copywriter, they will know to vary it up and fit the format in a convincing manner.

Keep it Fresh – A copywriter will help your website and other marketing materials from falling into the pattern of recycling the information that’s already out there. He’ll know how to go beyond the conventional wisdom of the Internet and provide a high level of value to your customers. Your marketing materials will more accurately represent the uniqueness of your business.

Exuberate Passion – If you want the inner workings of your business to invoke passion and curiosity from your customers, your marketing materials need to convey that passion. A copywriter knows how to make your enthusiasm for what you do contagious.

Make Sure the Job Gets Done – Let’s face it, there’s probably enough on your plate. It’d be nice if you could get back to the more core elements of running your business. When you work with a copywriter, you can get the job done professionally and fast. There’s no more need for procrastination, and you have your time back.

Create Stronger First Impressions – Websites, landing pages, sales letters, and other marketing copy all have the potential to create a first impression. Make sure that your copy is free from distracting spelling and grammatical mistakes. When you work with a copywriter you can be sure that your intended message is clear. You can be sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

It’s Affordable – Another benefit when you go with a freelance copywriter is the flexibility to pay by the project. You’re not paying for a full-timer’s downtime. You’re also freeing up your own time. It’s more efficient and affordable to hire a copywriter than to hire a full-time employee or do the work yourself.

Copywriters Can Get Social – Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms are a great place to attract attention to your business. A copywriter can help you develop a message that makes sense for the platform and resonates with your audience.