Take all the prospects that you gain from successful email prospecting and manage your relationships and deals with a simple CRM and sales tracking tool like Base.

With all the different ways to use technology to market your business, it’s possible to implement a diverse approach that can bring about great results. Have you considered using email prospecting as one of the ways to bring in new business and repeat sales?

Here are some of the ways you can use email:


Have people subscribe to receive email newsletters from you. Using email for newsletter marketing offers a great way to reach out to new prospects and to nurture relationships with existing customers. Add an opt-in box on your website and give people a reason to opt-in (a freebie, a discount code, or some other perk). This helps you bring in new prospects and can help you insert prospects and existing clients into sales funnels that work, practically, on autopilot.

Tip: Make sure your newsletters don’t simply serve as promotional pieces. Provide value to your readers to make them more likely to read your newsletters and act on them.

Your Email Signature

You probably do a lot of conversing with people via email. Consider adding information to your email signature to grab their attention. Add an RSS feed in that signature that feeds from your business blog, an opt-in address for your newsletter, a line or two mentioning a promotion, a contest, or something else that is newsworthy.  While you should keep it to just a few lines, that small space can pack a punch.

Tip: WiseStamp offers a free signature (or upgraded paid edition) tool that you can use in emails that can also link to social media sites and blog feeds. It can help your email drive new traffic to your Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or group, and so on.

Email Etiquette

Don’t make the mistake of handling email the wrong way or you could leave prospects ready to hit the “Mark as Spam” button and it could hurt your relationship with them overall.

  • Don’t over-hype your subject line. Be informative and work to attract attention with that subject line but do so carefully and make sure the content delivers on the subject line promise.
  • Let people opt out of email communications and make sure they opt in, rather than you manually putting them on a list.  Some customers and prospects just won’t want to receive promotional email. Don’t manually manage your list of contacts. Use a tool that manages it for you instead. This will also help you ensure you’re not breaking any laws regarding unsolicited email and it will provide you with valuable reporting about how people respond to your emails.

How do you know if your email marketing is working?

If you track your website traffic reports, you’ll be able to tell if emails are directing people to your website.  And if you log incoming calls and track your sales you’ll be able to see if you are experiencing steady growth which is a clue that your marketing initiatives are working well.