Fitting their product into a natural conversation


The Super Bowl is like the Olympics of TV commercials. As the most-watched TV event in the US year after year, even non-football fans join in on the spectacle to enjoy a laugh or cry at some of most the innovative commercials. Every advertiser is gunning to be the topic of conversation amongst Monday morning quarterbacks. But making something 30 seconds long last in the minds of consumers isn’t an easy task… especially when the competition is so high. We thought Tide’s spot was brilliant and we think that it borrowed from influencer marketing’s basic principles.

Here’s how Tide nailed influencer marketing with the #BradshawStain

1. Pick the perfect person

Tide knows that there is not one single name more synonymous with the NFL, familiar to the Super Bowl audience, or more willing to be fun on live TV than Mr. Bradshaw. Their first best decision was to pick the right guy. When you’re deciding on an influencer to make your campaign a success, the most important factor is finding the right person to be the mouthpiece.

2. Tap into native conversations

Everyone in America was watching the SuperBowl and talking about it. Instead of starting a new conversation– like a commercial about something else entirely– Tide tapped into the game day coverage itself. Instead of diverting everyone’s attention from the game and commentators, Tide placed their ad natively into the “stream” of the game. Good influencer content does not stick out like a sore thumb. It does not interrupt or commandeer conversations, it fits beautifully into them.

3. Tap into Emotions

Good influencer content– hell good advertising in general– taps into the emotions of the consumer. Every weepy, inspiring commercial is trying to achieve that. Tide tapped into one of the most powerful human emotions: fear of embarrassment. Everyone is afraid to go viral for the wrong reasons and Tide nailed it when they said: “No stain deserves fame.”

4. Be authentic

Tide (using that perfectly chosen, kinda goofy guy) moved out of the realm of carefully crafted, scripted and meticulously groomed sports commentators that we’re used to. They made Terry look vulnerable. Good influencer content is authentic because it is made by and for real people. Unlike the multi-million dollar commercials and photoshoots produced by brands, influencer content is human. It has some flaws and some character and the brand should fit into that narrative– not force the influencer’s content to fit into the brand’s carefully constructed public image. Tide is the reason that Terry doesn’t have to kick his meatball sub habit.

You can implement these strategies to help your brand too. It requires a little ingenuity and a little bravery, maybe a little help. But definitely not a $5 million dollar ad placement…