If you have ever said this about your marketing and/or business development strategy, you are definitely not alone. I would venture to say that the majority of business owners and professionals have tried this approach. You know how it goes, you get a call or see something online that peaks your curiosity and suddenly you are moving in that direction. Then you see something else or a colleague mentions something they are doing that “really works” and you go in that direction.

The good news is you now know what Does Not work for your business. That means you can now focus on what does work. From our perspective here at Performance Intermedia, we encourage your entire marketing and business development strategy to be integrated. So many times I sit with clients and they are literally all over the place. They have some social media going on with no clear focus and no relation to any direct mailings, website promotions, print advertising, face to face networking and customer experience. If this sounds familiar, here are a few things to get you more focused:

  • What are you attempting to accomplish? More phone calls, more walk-in customers, more online purchases, etc.
  • Who are you speaking to? Remember, social media has made the entire process of finding products and service providers a two-way conversation. I literally mean, “who are you speaking to”? What are the demographics of your customer? Where will they be found?
  • Think of a theme for the month or the quarter. Is this a particular time of year for your customers, i.e. Fall, Holiday Time, 4th quarter? Are there holidays and “special days” that you can incorporate into your marketing? #NationalSomethingDay
  • Are your team members involved in your #marketing? They can be great ambassadors but make sure you have social media/Internet policies in place and that everyone understands them and is trained for what is appropriate to help the business. Ask for ideas from your team/staff. They may surprise you.
  • Use your social media posting and boosting/sponsoring to gain more eyeballs on what you are doing. Match the timing with any other outbound marketing you are doing.
  • If you are a brick and mortar establishment, think about physically getting people into your establishment by doing a canned food drive, clothing drive and/or unwrapped toy drive this time of year. If you are not brick and mortar, you can still let people know that you are making a donation on every new customer’s behalf to some local charity such as the Salvation Army for the holiday season.
  • Now let your integrated marketing enhance your branding and increase your customer base and sales. Let people see you in multiple places throughout their day and week.

People need to see a message several times, that hasn’t changed. People want to know the companies they are doing business with. Remove the veil and let them see your staff and goings on. Be where your customers are such social media sites that are specific to your customer. Have some fun, think outside the box and integrate, integrate, integrate! #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #marketing

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