An SEO Tool


Despite common belief, video has developed into a powerful SEO tool. Today, rather than search purely for webpages, we can use Google to search directly for videos, photos and even news items that correlate to our search terms. What’s more, competition for the number one video spot is tame.

In fact, research by Forrester found that videos were 53 times more likely to reach a first-page ranking organically than webpages.

Getting indexed is also incredibly simple – just upload your videos to YouTube.

If you want to rank well, you need to ensure the title of your video and your title tag match. Also, when naming your video, consider what people are likely to search for and use this to influence your decision.

However, just as with traditional SEO, a video with short and competitive keywords will never attain the same results as more long-tailed keywords.

For instance, a video titled ‘wedding’ will be in competition with countless similarly titled videos. However ‘wedding planners’ or ‘wedding coordinators’ should be much more successful.

The quality of your video is however, also very important – if you don’t want people to cease watching seconds in, of course. Hiring a promotional video production company can help – they should have the talent, ideas and equipment needed to create a polished and professional piece of film.


A Television Advert


Although television stands as a comparatively expensive form of advertising, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Much cheaper rates can be attained from late night slots as well as advertising on cable and satellite channels as opposed to the free-to-air channels.

In addition, keeping videos short will cut back on costs considerably.

However, if you want to advertise your brand this way, your video ad is going to have to be of a professional standard. Not only does the video have to look good, if it’s going to be effective its concept needs to enticing and interesting, must highlight the brand and tempt people to buy.

If you’re unsure where to find a professional promotional video production company try using the internet. A search for something such as ‘video production Nottingham’ will reveal production companies in the area. You’re then able to investigate the company’s credentials further in order to locate a company who you feel will best reflect the ethos of your firm.


Promotion for Potential Clients


Sending a video to potential clients is a fantastic way of pitching in an original, personal and highly effective manner. Of course, you can send the video along with a traditional written pitch. However, the video could stand to be the sales pitch that clinches the deal.

One thing to consider here is that the video needs to be very professional. It’s also going to be very different to a video made for television advertising. You’re using the video to inform clients about your company and service, so it needs to be done in the right way.

Getting a member of staff with a video camera to film your video pitch will be a grave mistake. You should unquestionably seek the help of a promotional video production company instead. Again, if you’re not sure where to find a suitable company, use the internet. A search for ‘video production Nottingham’ (or similar) could prove to be the missing link in the chain to securing a new client.

Author: James Harper on behalf of Black Hawk Productions. Black Hawk Productions are a promotional video production company who offer video production in Nottingham.