Running a digital marketing campaign for organizations with multiple locations or franchises can be a difficult task. The need to attribute conversions to the appropriate branch can be even more daunting. This difficulty is compounded if many of the conversions incurred are from offline phone calls. The rise in mobile search queries has resulted in a drastic increase in local searches. According to Google, 80% of “near me” searches in Q4 2014 were mobile. Of these, 80% resulted in an offline conversion and approximately three-fourths of those conversions occurred the same day. We’ve compiled a few different methods of how to keep track of phone call conversions and ensure they are attributed to the correct location.

Utilizing unique phone numbers within the call extension field of paid search ads can provide great insight into which ads drive call conversions. It’s suggested to use a trackable phone number separate from the location’s actual number. This will enable you to segment call extension conversions from other calls made to the business. Users looking to obtain keyword-level data from call extensions can utilize a call tracking solution, enabling you to optimize bids for the keywords that are driving calls.

Local Dynamic Number Insertion for Geo-Targeted Visitors

It’s usually not enough to track calls from the call extension field. Many industries drive heavy call volume through the website. However, they sometimes do not have brick and mortar locations. To provide that local feel they utilize dynamic number insertion to display a local phone number representing the area that the ad was geo-targeting.

For example, a pest control business has a variety of call centers dedicated to specific geographic areas. A visitor sees their ad, arrives onto the landing page, and is served a number local to the area the ad geo-targeted. That visitor is then routed directly to that pre-associated call center that will send out a representative to provide a quote. Not only does the business get to provide a local feel, they are also able to attribute how many calls each local area generates from their website.

Call Tracking for Franchises and Other Brick and Mortar Stores

Automotive OEMs, senior living establishments, and retailers are all examples of businesses that may have a variety of locations listed on a single web page. Whether people are searching for the nearest dealership, caretaker, or mattress store, those visitors that call are generally the most qualified leads. However, attributing these calls to the proper location and back to the original source, campaign, and keyword can be complex. Using dynamic number insertion, each location’s calls can be properly routed and attributed. If a visitor views a location within an embedded map or on a specific page, the call made to the dynamically inserted number can be appropriately attributed to the user’s session data without them experiencing anything different during the call. Each dynamic number can route directly to the respective franchise or branch without interruption, thus providing the best experience for the caller while you gain additional insight into your local digital advertising efforts.

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