Mom shoppingMoms mobilize huge amounts of spending power and make roughly 85% of spending decisions in any given household. Yet, the “mom demographic” is frequently overlooked when it comes to marketing campaigns, in large part because many marketers don’t fully grasp the huge number of industries that can benefit from targeting moms. Sure, the cleaning product and healthy food industries have latched onto the mom demographic in their campaigns, but moms’ spending decisions go way farther than that. If you think that your industry has nothing to gain from marketing to moms, you might be surprised to learn just how many product decisions moms make.


If you’re in the fitness or health industry, you can just about guarantee that women – and moms in particular – are the top consumer of your product or service. A 2010 article reported that women make most of the healthcare decisions in two-thirds of American households. This ranges from decisions about over-the-counter brands in drug stores to decisions about what insurance plan to buy into.

Moreover, moms make the end decision 75% of the time when it comes to which doctors kids see, and spend 80% of the family’s drugstore budget. Finally, as mentioned, moms are more likely than dads to choose a family’s health insurance plan – even when both parents work and get health benefits from their companies.


Trying to market a product or service related to vacation planning or other aspects of travel? Once again, moms should be your target audience when it comes to ad campaigns. Last year, it was estimated that women in the United States- and mostly moms – would spend as much as $125 billion on travel expenses in 2013. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.

And moms are definitely the key vacation planners – 70-80% of all the decisions that go into booking a trip are made by women, at least in terms of women and moms booking through travel agencies. That number goes up when you factor in travel arrangements made independently, online. At that point, the number increases to 92%.

Another big statistic to consider is the fact that the average “adventure” traveler who isn’t on a family trip is a 47-year-old single mother. So it’s not just moms with kids planning a trip to Disney that you’ll want to be targeting; a large portion of the market is made up of women in their slightly more mature years, looking to embark on a trip to experience cultures and aspects of nature that they might have missed out on when their kids were young.

Moms travel together, too. The “girlfriend getaway” makes up 91% of non-family trips booked by women, according to travel insurance company Travel Guard. This type of trip represents around $200 million in travel expenses paid each year.


In the auto industry? You might be surprised to find out that women are responsible for making 4 out of 5 automotive purchases, wielding huge vehicle-related purchasing power. The number drops a little bit when it comes to used car sales, with women making only 62% of the purchasing decisions in that arena, but it’s not hard to see why marketing to moms might be a good way to boost sales of family-friendly vehicles.

Even if you’re not in sales specifically, the mom demographic might be a huge sales booster when it comes to marketing related to service and maintenance. Women make anywhere from 65 to 80 percent of these decisions when a car breaks down or otherwise needs repairs.

And of course, don’t forget the insurance. Moms are making a lot of these decisions, too, and a full 39% of them are dissatisfied with their options. For your business, that means that there’s a huge opportunity to edge out the competition with mom- and women-focused marketing.

Real Estate

If you’re in the business of buying and selling property and homes, it’s time to focus on moms in your next marketing campaign. Women make, or at least direct, the purchasing decision in the buying of over 90% of new homes. While not all of those women are moms, deciding to bring kids into a growing family is, of course, often the impetus of purchasing a larger home.

For the curious, single women lead the way in home purchases, too. Twenty percent of single women are making the decision to invest in homes, property, and other real estate, in comparison with only 12% of single men. So even if you’re not focusing on moms specifically, you should at least be targeting women to get the highest ROI on your campaign.

And There’s More…

These industries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the myriad purchasing decisions that moms make. According to, women, many of them moms, make two-thirds of home computer purchases, open a full 89% of bank accounts, make up 93% of the country’s food spending and over-the-counter pharmaceutical spending.

It’s clear that times have changed. Moms have become the top decision makers in terms of how a family’s finances are allocated, looking at both short-term and long-term spending. This spending falls into a wide range of industries, outside of those thought of as traditional “feminine” or outside the expertise and interests of women. Regardless of what industry your business is in, it’s a sure bet that moms are going to be evaluating your product or service to determine how well it meshes with their family’s needs. With such incredible buying power and spending influence, moms are one demographic you don’t want to miss out on when it comes time to launch your next marketing campaign.

Have you been targeting moms with your marketing efforts? How can you change your current strategy to include or target moms?