Here at 6sense we are big on Halloween. We’re also big on helping our customers make the most of their marketing stack and existing database. That’s why we thought it was a perfect time to talk about ZOMBIE LEADS.

If it’s been a while since you’ve done an audit of your marketing automation and CRM databases, you undoubtedly have more than a few zombies stumbling around your marketing funnel. Zombie leads largely fall into two categories:

  1. Leads who have entered your database with some genuine interest but are unresponsive to your outreach, perhaps through a lack of nurture or misaligned messaging.
  2. Leads that continue to engage with content and drain marketing and sales resources, but will never convert into an opportunity or closed business for your organization.

How to Deal With the Undead

You’ve spent time and money acquiring leads, and now it’s time to figure out who you can bring back to life and who is just taking up space in your marketing automation system. First, look at the dormant leads in your system that represent promising opportunities for engagement, but have been unresponsive to your outreach. Create an aggressive outreach campaign that directly speaks to this type of zombie lead and tries to shock them out of their miserable flesh-eating existence. Calling out their unresponsiveness, sharing your strongest content and offering them special access to events, assets and team are all great ways to revive these prospects back to the land of the living.

Now, for the unenviable task of putting to rest those that are forever lost. Auditing your database should also be an exercise in finding those prospects who perennially engage with your content, have taken multiple sales calls and have wasted hours of your sales team’s time without ever exhibiting any true intent of becoming a customer. If they’ve been through your funnel front to back many times without ever converting into an opportunity or closed business, it may be time for you to take action. Continuing to pursue perennial tire kickers not only wastes resources, but it also brings down your conversion rates and demoralizes your sales team. Don’t be afraid to lay a zombie lead to rest.

Using Data to Uncover High- and Low-Intent (Zombie) Prospects

Zombie leads exist because current scoring and filtering mechanisms used by B2B marketing teams are broken. Simply tracking demographic fit is proving to be a largely ineffectual way of identifying and nurturing your next customer as it misses out on an entire spectrum of your prospect’s profile: their buying signals. As our CEO, Amanda Kahlow, likes to note, she has the profile of a decision maker for a CRM solution, however she was only in a buying cycle for 2 months. Only looking at a prospect’s demographic fit lets you know that they look like your buyer, but it tells you nothing about their timing or whether they’re looking to buy your solution at all.

A true predictive intelligence solution is the best weapon for tracking down zombie leads. By connecting the data in your marketing stack with 3rd-party intent data, a predictive intelligence solution can help you look beyond your own walls for signs of life (or interest) across the B2B web. This insight will help you identify leads that might look like your buyers, but have minimal intent (so you can lay them to rest) or identify dormant leads in your systems that are showing buying intent across the B2B web (so you can focus your efforts on reanimating them).

Instead of waiting it out or hoping that a zombie apocalypse doesn’t overrun your entire database, be proactive and go find them. Happy hunting!