how to use buyer personas to increase conversions

Did you just finish up your buyer personas? If so, you have a healthy familiarity with your buyer. You know her wishes, wants, and dreams. You know what makes her tick and what makes her cringe. But now what?

Some people go through the exercise of creating outstanding buyer personas, only to tuck them away and never use them effectively. Don’t make that same mistake.

Buyer personas are vital to your marketing and overall business success. They show you what your customers want and need. They show you how you can craft messages that inspire your customers to buy. They’re your connection to the people behind each purchase.

Here are three ways you can use your buyer personas to shape your marketing and product development – all the while, giving your business a boost.

1. How to Use Buyer Personas to Formulate Your Messaging

Consider this: You are a speaker at a conference. You are supposed to give a talk in front of a room of about 100 people, and you don’t know a single person. The night before your talk, you’re invited to a networking gig, but your plane gets delayed so you can’t attend. This adds more stress to an already overwhelming public speaking situation because you don’t know whom you’re talking to.

Now consider this: You make it to the networking event and get to meet many of the people there to hear from you. You hear their stories and then quickly run back to your room to tailor your presentation to their needs. You dominate your talk by solving their problems and concerns while answering their questions head on.

Marketing messages are the same.

Without a buyer persona, you don’t know the crowd of people you’re talking to. You push the benefits of what you sell, but you don’t know if it resonates or not.

target-customersWith a buyer persona, you know exactly whom you’re talking to. You know what causes him to lose sleep at night. You know what motivates him to succeed. Moreover, you know what “success” looks like to him.

Buyer personas let you tweak your presentation and formulate stronger messages. That way, when your audience gives you their attention, you can dominate your industry with poignancy.

2. Spark Conversation in the Right Places Online (and Offline)

No matter how strong your marketing message is, putting it in front of the wrong crowd will not boost your business.

Businesses that experience the highest levels of growth have a knack for showing up in the right place at the right time. Although it seems effortless, it happens as a result of due diligence.

Pinpoint accurate placement (with your buyer persona). Placement is a key to effective marketing. When you understand your buyer personas, you know where they are, and how to reach them at the right time. – Peter Sandeen,

Use your buyer personas to get a better understanding of where your customers congregate to get information and scope out solutions. Then, spark conversation in those places. Give valuable input and offer help to common problems. You’ll position yourself as the expert in your field, gaining trust and earning new customers over time.

3. Guide Product Development

To stay competitive in the market, you have to move continuously forward. That means innovating your current products and creating new ones that your customers demand.

Reviewing your buyer personas can guide that process, making it easier to find your customer’s unmet needs. Look for what’s frustrating them. What are their pain points? What do they want help with? Then, find a way that your business can solve that solution with continued enhancements to your product.

You don’t have to be a psychic to develop products that fly off the shelves. You just have to know how to listen to know what’s missing from the market so you can fill in the gaps.

What Happens Next

Buyer personas offer valuable insight into the consumer mindset. Like your marketing and your product, these personas are not static. They ebb and shift over time. Revisit your buyer personas semi-annually or annually to update them and breathe new life into your strategies.

Looking for more information about how to use buyer personas to boost your business? Check out our free guide called, “The Ultimate Marketing Guide for High Growth Companies.”