law_firmGrowing your law firm can seem like a challenge. But luckily there are countless ways to market your firm and grow today. Each tactic is incredibly simple and easy to follow. By using the 10 tactics below you are setting up your law firm for long lasting success.

1. Get a Website

This is one of the simplest – yet most effective – things to do. You can hire someone for cheap or you can do it yourself. Regardless of which route you go, you want your firm to have a web presence. Don’t be left in the dark. Clients are looking for a law firm online and if you aren’t listed, you can’t be found.

2. Connect With Others Online

Once you have a site online, it is time to start communicating with people. Connecting is different from networking. Instead of making an acquaintance, you are making a friend. This has a lot more value in the long term and will lead to many more referrals. You can do this online by utilizing social media, commenting on blogs and participating in forums.

3. Connect With Others Offline

Connecting online isn’t the only way to bring in new business. By speaking with people face-to-face, you gain a much stronger trust. Go out and talk to people. Show up at trade shows and attend some seminars. By putting yourself out there, you are increasing your potential for new business.

4. Actively Look For Referrals

This tactic ties into connecting with people both on and offline. You should definitely be connecting with others and building a relationship, but you should also be on the lookout for referrals. Referrals are incredibly important for any law firm. As you continue to meet new people think about whether or not they would be a good referral.

5. Embrace Email Marketing

Email marketing is when you send emails to people who have subscribed to your list. It is an extremely easy and affordable weapon in your marketing arsenal. It doesn’t take much to do and it can give your firm an edge on your competition.

6. Write Content

There is a saying on the internet that content is king. Search engines, like Google, see that a law firm has written articles and rewards them with better rankings. Take advantage of this opportunity and write content about your chosen specialty. Your customers will love it and so will search engines.

7. Use Your Smartphone to Your Advantage

The majority of people nowadays have a smartphone. If you don’t have one, then it is time to invest in one. A smartphone is an amazing tool to check your email, keep up to date on appointments, and organize every aspect of your law firm.  There are even apps specially designed for lawyers.  You can use your smartphone to do things like prepare for a deposition and search the US law library.

A smartphone isn’t just for calling people anymore; it is an effective tool to help your firm grow.

8. Niche Yourself Down

Every lawyer should have some type of specialty. It is impossible to be a lawyer that handles every case. By choosing a specific niche (specialty), you are attracting targeted clients. This is good, as any business you do get will be solid and long lasting.

9. Plan out Your Marketing

It is one thing to say marketing is important; it is another to make an organized and actionable plan. Sit down and figure out what your goals are. Identify how you plan to market your firm this year. By implementing this, you are setting yourself up for success.

10. Become Educated In Marketing

Understand the basics of marketing. Even if you do decide to hire a marketing team to assist you, it will still be beneficial to understand the reasoning behind their actions. Take a class, buy a book, or attend a seminar. Just educate yourself and become competent.

By completing these 10 simple tactics, you are establishing your firm on a strong foundation. Marketing is how you find new business. Don’t underestimate its power. Embrace marketing for your law firm today and allow it to grow in a whole new way.