Many Search advertisers are growing their audience reach by advertising on multiple publishers. While Google may still be the dominant force in the market, Bing is quickly growing. An April 2015 study conducted by Merkle | RKG shows that spend in Bing for Q1 2015 grew 36%, compared to Google’s 13%.

As many savvy advertisers already know, by diversifying your advertising spend across multiple publishers, you’re not only reaching new audiences – you’re achieving lower CPCs from decreased competition. Thankfully, it’s not too late to take advantage of these benefits, as it’s now easier – and faster – than ever to incorporate new publishers into your Search advertising efforts. All it takes is enhanced ad campaign management and a firm understanding of each publisher’s unique value proposition.

Streamline Management

You most likely have established objects (accounts, campaigns, groups, etc.) in Google – now, you may want to run the same tried and true objects on other publishers. But, the thought of having to recreate every single campaign again from scratch is enough to cause you to cling to Google, instead of moving above and beyond.

Marin Smart Sync – Easily create and sync campaigns from Google

Thankfully, there are tools available today to help simplify a potentially overwhelming workflow. Platforms like Marin with Smart Sync allow you to pair objects in Google with other advertisers such as Bing. By selecting an object to pair, Smart Sync automatically copies the parent object in Google into Bing (the child object) – with a simple click of a button. Additionally, any changes that get made to the parent object in Google are automatically synced with the child object. This way, you’re essentially only managing the parent object in Google, but getting the added benefit of advertising on multiple publishers.

Understand the Unique Strengths of Each Publisher

When considering integrating another publisher into your advertising strategy, it’s important to include how the publisher is going to help you achieve your business goals. Certain publishers, like Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia, offer regional strengths. With strong local language support and more culturally relevant search results, they’ve steadily been holding onto the number one spot in Search in their respective countries.

Other publishers, like Bing, are partnered with Yahoo to offer an impressive expansive audience reach, with the ability to have ads displayed across the web properties of both publishers. Yahoo also has their Gemini offering, which allows advertisers to easily integrate Native advertising – the newest advertising format that’s gaining buzz in the digital advertising industry – into their search strategy. Additionally, Bing has grown its search share from 8% to 20% in just six years – making it an increasingly popular choice among advertisers. Understanding which publishers fit into your goals will help you reap the maximum benefits of advertising across multiple publishers.

A Single Solution for Advertising Across Publishers

Tools like Smart Sync make it easier than ever for advertisers to incorporate multiple publishers into their search advertising strategy. As John Cosley, Bing Ads Director of Brand and Digital Marketing, states, “We’re excited that Smart Sync will now make it easier for advertisers to create, manage and optimize their Bing Ads campaigns. Today Bing powers one in three searches in the US, and with Bing being integrated in the upcoming release of Windows 10, we expect our market share to continue to grow. With Smart Sync, advertisers now have an easier way to tap into Bing Ads’ growing audience while applying the freshest campaign strategies.”

If you’ve ever considered expanding your search advertising efforts beyond Google, now’s the time to give it a shot. With all the benefits that different publishers have to offer, and the alleviation of all the complexities of managing campaigns across them thanks to tools like Smart Sync, this is the moment to see what other publishers can do for you!