lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generationMarketers often stick to just one method of lead generation. In a way, such is good as it allows them to focus their efforts on mastering a single approach. However, as the landscape seems to keep changing, using only one method to engage prospects just doesn’t seem to be as effective anymore.

Marketing nowadays is all about finding the right mix, especially when it comes to lead generation. We can no longer simply phone a prospect, introduce our company and what we do and expect to generate a lead. Today, we have a lot more to work with. As such, a marketer should know how to mix up different approaches in order to do lead generation.

It’s not just about coming up the right marketing mix, it’s also about being creative in the development of your marketing offers. Want to get better results from your lead generation campaign? Well maybe it’s time to start figuring out the right marketing mix.

We’ve put together some tips for you to help you figure out what that “mix” is. Here they are:

Use emails to set-up a call.

One of the best precursors to converting a prospect into a lead is through reaching out to them via the use of email. In terms of lead generation, email has started to bloom in the mobile market. Statistics show that in 2012 penetration rates for wireless emails have reached 22%, and is predicted to grow to 28% in 2013.

As you can see, email is looking good; it’s big business. More and more people are responding to emails. Although not really suited for B2C lead generation campaigns, email is better suited to get business to business leads.

Emails are great for scheduling phone appointments. Send your prospects your marketing email along with telling them that you would love to give them a call. If they reply with a positive message, then you can expect to be giving them that call soon.

Use telemarketing to drive social activity.

Now we’re at the part at which you actually make that call. But telemarketing isn’t only a method with which you can do lead generation and appointment setting. It is also a tool which you can use to connect with your prospects.

A call has meaning, especially when you don’t always just lean towards making business happen. At times, it just helps to improve your relationship with your prospects. The great thing about using telemarketing is that after you have built good relationships with your contacts, you can help drive social activity.

Use social activity to convert prospects into leads.

Many marketers still do not get the idea of what it means to use social media. Truth is, a lot of us don’t. What we do understand however from recent data and experience is that social media is not about promoting your company. It’s about sharing of high-quality and relevant content with the people in your business’ network.

Sales lead generation through social media is different from other approaches. Unlike with email and telemarketing in which you simply need to approach your prospects, social media requires that you build relationships with your audience. But how do you initially establish contact? Well, that’s what emails and phone calls are for – they can help drive social activity. Prospects that you have engaged on social media in the right way will most likely convert into sales leads for your business.

The right marketing mix is not hard to find. It actually all depends on how you do marketing and lead generation.

Mix it up yourself and see what the best marketing mix is for your company.