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If you were asked which traditional marketing tool is still present and strong nowadays, what would be the first thing that will come in your mind? You might start off with flyers, business cards, posters, but how about brochures? These creative prints presented in various folding have been around for years and is worth the recognition when it comes to top advertising tools.

Maybe right now you’re thinking if you should really spend your time learning on why brochures are a boom in the marketing world. But if you’ll just look around you, you’re sure to find one being kept in your place. So why is it like that? To fully understand the power that brochures have in marketing, let’s take a quick trip on its past, present, and future.

How It All Started

Let’s take a step back and look at the history of printing just to get a glimpse on where brochures entered the scene.

In 1450, Johannes Gutenberg started his printing press which can be the mark of the commercial printing done nowadays. However, the Ancient Chinese already started using inks on wooden blocks as a form of printing even before Gutenberg had his machine. From thereon, businesses found their way of communicating with a larger target market. You can say that at this point, brochures have been born as a part of the printed advertisements – but maybe without the decorative folding yet.

Where It Is Now

With the role being played by brochures aside from promotions, people have become more attached to it. You can always find one on every store and even institutions since these are also used for educational purposes.

If that’s not enough, some research made shows that 75% of people who notice brochures think that these are useful for information resource. Also, 63% of the respondents agree that these prints help them learn about the activities of a certain area when the tools are displayed on stands. Now, these figures definitely say something on how brochures are being perceived by consumers at present.

What Will Happen Next

Even when there are various forms of advertising being done, you cannot immediately say that brochure marketing would disappear just like that. As you’ve noticed, it’s somehow strong in attracting the attention of the people, plus it also provides the right information and educates them.

It’s not just all about marketing at this point. The effect that brochures leave on people does not only include their choice for purchasing but even the idea of learning something new.

So now that you’ve gotten a clear picture on what awaits brochure marketing, you might already be convinced that this strategy is worth the investment. Just remember the factors that would make the prints work best for you. These are design, printing, and distribution. Learn how to properly mix these parts and you can get the most out of your brochures for sure.

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