Wait for it, wait for it. You ready? It depends. That’s it. The most popular phrase in marketing is ‘it depends’. When and where do we not see this phrase being used? Yes, I get it and I know why we say it but can’t we be a little bit more concrete than this? It all just seems a little fluffy for me. Anyone else?

For kicks I went out and tried to find all the scenarios where we respond with ‘it depends’. It made me laugh :)

  • Wondering if you should reply to comments left on your blog? Survey says… you guessed it; ‘it depends’.
  • Should you care about losing blog subscribers? It depends.
  • Best day to publish content on Facebook? It depends.
  • Should I blog? Hmmm. It depends.
  • Who are the influencers in my industry? That depends too!
  • Social media or traditional marketing? It depends.
  • What marketing metrics should you be tracking? Well that all depends…
  • Should your brand be on Pinterest? That depends.
  • When is the best day to send your press release? It depends.
  • When is the best time to send your email campaign? That depends.
  • What should your brand’s role be in social media? It depends.
  • Should I be on Google+? That depends on …
  • Should I quit my job and build my own business? That depends.
  • Should I be on Twitter? Depends on if..
  • Should I focus on my personal brand or the corporate brand? That depends.
  • Do we need a tradeshow booth or can we just attend? That depends too.
  • Do we need a newsletter? It depends.
  • How long after a lead comes it should my sales team call? That depends.
  • Do click-through rates matter? It depends.
  • Should I write the content myself or hire a copywriter? It depends.
  • Should inside sales report to sales or marketing? It depends.
  • Should we cast a wide net for leads or focus on strategic verticals? That depends.
  • Should we make a mobile version of our website? That depends.
  • Do we even need a website? Sometimes that depends.
  • Is WordPress good enough to build our site? That depends.
  • Should we moderate comments or let em rip? It depends.

I could keep going but I have to stop at some point :)

How can we get beyond this? How can we as professionals provide something besides the obvious ‘it depends’ answer? We should strive to connect problems with resolutions, not wishy-washy answers that challenge people further. But how?