Email Used With Direct Mail can be Incredibly EffectiveEmail marketers all over the world are pulling their hair out A/B testing subject lines & images within email versions to try to increase open rates & CTR but 95% of them aren’t thinking a more basic element of marketing: Coordination.  I just received this email from a company that I evaluated last year, and because I get 100+ emails daily, I normally would have scanned the email and moved on to the next marketing email in my inbox, but something resonated with me about this email.  I suddenly realized that I received a mailed flyer yesterday from the same company, and it was still hanging around on my desk.  I took the time to both look through the direct mail piece which had an intriguing gift card offer, and the complementary email with the same imagery and branding, and realized that I was thinking very critically about the value of their software.  In other words, the email worked!

The email was extremely effective because it was paired with another marketing touch AND the timing was coordinated so that the email hit my inbox at the approximate time that I had received the direct mail piece.  These days, with intelligent mail & digital printing it’s easy to know when the direct mail piece hits someone’s physical inbox and coordinate an email alongside.  Yet, most email marketing strategy that is done today is done in a “email only” vacuum and thus suffers from the extremely crowded space that is the reality of the modern day email inbox.  Marketing teams have week long pow-wows to brainstorm email strategy but very few put forth the minimal effort that’s required to bake out a complementary letter, postcard or flyer.

Eventually more companies will have to get very creative about how to overcome this “list fatigue”.  Services like data appending (email or postal) are out there – they just have to be acted upon and integrated into marketing databases. Combining several touches to your list along different media will pave the way for a sales phone call or customer satisfaction survey – whichever your main goal.  The point being – the more mediums that are used, the better chance you have for your message to be understood and thoughtfully considered.