You may already be familiar with the idea of content marketing: putting awesome content out on the web to draw people to your web site or social pages.

If you are, read on, and we’ll talk about how you can create the best kinds of content to promote your business.

And if you’re not, read on, because content marketing is a low-cost, high-return way to get your business visible – and you need to know about it.

The Premise

The idea is, you provide information that either entertains or educates your target market (or does both, for a double whammy). Your followers enjoy and appreciate the information you’ve shared. This builds up goodwill toward your brand.

When it comes time for those educated, entertained people to purchase what you’re selling, guess who they buy from? You, of course.

Here’s a little image you may want to save or share to remind yourself how all your work is going to lead to sales:

Okay, so you see how content marketing works. Now, how do you make it happen?

The Process

1. Planning

A benefit of content marketing is that once a solid plan is in place, following it is simple – you’re just finding and relaying information. In order to create that solid plan, just decide your answers to:

  • Where will I publish my content? (Social networks? A blog? Email (it is the most effective, after all)? Or blog posts that double as emails?)
  • How often will I post? (Readers will come to expect your updates at the frequency you establish.)
  • What will I post about? (Recipes? News? Updates on company happenings?)
  • Where will I find information to post about? (Since you’re trying to be helpful and entertaining, you may need to research some of your topics.)

2. Writing

Whether you plan to tweet, blog or send an email newsletter, your most time-efficient approach is to sit down and write as much content as you can in a given time period, then schedule it for publication later.

For example, perhaps you take two hours on Friday mornings to write up an email newsletter and 10 Facebook posts for the next week. You can use tools like WordPress‘ and Facebook‘s schedulers to automatically publish your content throughout the week.

Then, you’re free for the next six days to handle all the other facets of your business.

3. Responding

You’ll want to check into your content platforms regularly, looking for responses. Schedule these checks on your calendar to make sure you’re replying in a timely fashion.

Do You Market With Content?

Sending helpful, interesting emails through AWeber is one way to market with content. Informative social posts and helpful blogs are others.

We want to hear from you, so if you market with content, would you please share what your approach is in the comments? If you don’t, would you share why not?