The power of photography has never been greater. The evidence is all around us. We own more devices capable of taking quality photos than ever before. Facebook just bought a “FREE” photography app for $1 Billion. You can snap, share, and edit in seconds. All of the sudden, everyone is a photographer.

And in the marketing world, photography is gaining importance as well. It used to be that in order to run an ad, you’d have to set up a photo shoot. You’d have to hire a pro and pay them for what they’re worth. And while the big boys still play that game, the little guys have more power in that area than ever before.

Good photography can make or break a marketing campaign. So instead of wasting money on a professional, why not learn the tricks of the trade yourself? You can make yourself more valuable to your organization, and save them money at the same time.

There are plenty of ways to boost your skills in this area. Information on photography is available in thousands of different newsletters, forums, blogs, and other free channels.

Or you can take the next step and get yourself an education. But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, and countless hours in a classroom. Study from home with the help of the New York Institute of Photography, or other similar schools. Shameless plug or brilliant advice, you decide.

And once you get your skills up to speed, upgrade that point and shoot or cell phone to a quality camera. They’re cheaper than you might think, especially with these special offers from