I told myself I wasn’t going to start this blog with the same old, “How is it August already?” but here we are. Sweet summer of 2018 is flying by at the blink of an eye, like it always does.

And since we rely on our phones for practically everything these days, our team at Localytics has been keeping an eye out for the best mobile marketing we’ve encountered.

These examples are the real deal. Each one of them was personally received by a member on our team.

So who is killing it with mobile marketing this summer? Here are our winners for each category:

1. Best App Onboarding Update: Venmo

Venmo 1

Venmo 2

We’ve outline plenty of traditional app onboarding examples, but Venmo uses the tool to educate existing customers about their privacy policy. Given the hyper focus around data privacy this summer, it was a perfect opportunity for Venmo to ensure their users fully understand the way their data is being shared – as well as the options they have to protect it.

2. Best In-App Message: Owlet


The Owlet is a fancy heart-rate monitor for paranoid mom’s like me. It hooks up to an app that gives you live readings of your baby’s heart-rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. I received the above in-app message when they were experiencing some technical difficulties.

Keeping users completely in the know, especially if you’re experiencing technical difficulties, is key to instilling trust and warding off frustration.

3. Best Permission Push Notification: Lyft


Lyft’s in-app permission request is no frills. It’s straightforward and effective, clearly outlining the benefit of opting into push notifications. The visual example they used is a great added touch.

4. Best Re-engagement Push Notification: Airbnb


This push notification from Airbnb is a perfect example of how to drive conversion with the tool. It delivers a 1 – 2 punch between personalizing the push to the end user based off a previous action, and combining it with collective user insights (searches for Boston). Together, this creates one compelling push notification.

If I’m looking to book an Airbnb in Boston, I know I need to act soon or risk missing out.

5. Best Cart Abandonment Push Notification: Sephora


Sephora keeps their push notification short and sweet, but it’s still effective. We all know that mobile app users are easily distracted, so this tap on the shoulder from Sephora is a perfect way to draw their attention back to what they were doing. This push notification could have been even stronger if they included what items were in the basket.

6. Best Mea Culpa Push Notification: My Fitness Pal

my fitness pal

Even though the last thing we want to do as mobile marketers is have someone opt out of our messaging, we have to admit to ourselves that sometimes the best marketing is no marketing. If someone isn’t responding to ANY of your push notifications, something isn’t working.

Maybe it’s your messaging, maybe it’s the end user. MyFitnessPal’s push comes as a delightful surprise to mobile users, an audience that is used to being bombarded by push notifications at any cost.

MyFitnessPal humanizes their marketing approach with this “we get it” push. This tactic alone may create a resurgence of interest in their app. But if not, they can rest easier knowing that they will have an opportunity in the future to re-engage with these lapsed users, instead of them completely deleting the app out of sheer annoyance.

7. Best Rich Push Notification: Ulta


Ulta combines exclusivity and excitement for this compelling rich push notification. Beauty lovers go crazy for the latest products, and Ulta keeps their audience in the know about the moment they can get their hands on it.

Kudos to Ulta for offering a preview of the product. This keeps their audience interested in the product while they wait, and also gets them prepared to buy since they’ll be fully up to speed on what they’re purchasing beforehand.

Have you seen any great mobile marketing this summer? We want to hear about it below!