Every day we are bombarded by advertising, whether we realize it or not. Some of it you may almost filter out from your everyday life. This is because you are so used to seeing it. But advertising is a huge business which is with us to stay and can bee seen in just about every place that we look:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Magazine
  • Internet
  • Leaflets
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Shop Window

If you actually take a walk down to the shops and take note of every point of advertising that you can see, you may be shocked to realize how much advertising is there which we do not even notice.

Advertise Using Billboards

Using a billboard can be a great way to get noticed with what you are advertising, large pictures with text selling your product or service. The type of thing that you will see driving in a car, sat in a bus, riding your bike or walking past. It is very effective and direct form of advertising, especially if you have something really appealing to look at. A good billboard can also improve the aesthetics of the surrounding area if it is get run down and dilapidated.

Advertise Using Posters

Using posters to advertise is also a great medium as well. This allows you to get into smaller areas but have just as striking and attractive adverts which can be strategically placed. You will always need to get permission and in some cases a license to put up posters on public property as not doing so may get you in trouble with the law. You can walk round to local businesses and ask if they can put it in their shop window for you. Of course this will only work if the shop is not in competition for business with you, this comes down to what you are actually advertising.

Advertise Using Leaflets

Using leaflets is a cheap form of advertising in order to get your company or product noticed. These can looking stunning and be a great way of getting information across into something which is small and fits in the hand, which can also be taken away with the potential customer. The one drawback with this form of advertising as people usually pick it up and drop it on the floor if not of immediate interest to them. The same can be said for placing these leaflets or flyers on car windscreens, these usually get instantly discarded and thrown on the floor, so not only is it not getting your message across, but there is also a problem with rubbish making an unsightly mess.

Advertise Using an A Frame Boards

If you have an actual shop which you wish customers to enter, then having an A frame board outside is a great way of advertising yourself. These are small and easily portable and can be changed and updated at your leisure. There is space to advertise on both sides of the board so you can potentially attract the eyes of potential customers no matter which way down the street they are passing. These are especially good for restaurants and cafes which have specials that change every day. These can also be waterproofed so are ideal in all conditions.

Advertise Using a Banner

You may also want to consider getting a banner made which can be hung outside of your place of business. If you have something which is eye catching and draws the customer in, these can be a very effective form of advertising, especially if you are advertising something which is always on, such as a happy hour in a bar or restaurant. These are also weather proof so you can hang these out in the elements all year round and get your message across.

The Printers

All of these forms of advertising can be done at a reasonable rate by using a professional and qualified printing service. Prices will range depending on what exactly you are looking for and the materials used. If you pop into your local printing shop and discuss what your requirements are, they will be able to assist you and recommend the best way to approach it and materials to use. Remember that when you are advertising your services or products, it is important to bear in mind that your advert is a statement about your company. Make sure it stands out and is offering something that people want. Also make sure you choose the right form or combination of advertising to suit you as well.

Are you benefiting from the use of outdoor advertising? Share your small biz diamonds in the comments section below.

This article was written by Deborah Malissa on behalf of Wales Print. Wales Print, is a professional printing service that offers cheap flyers but focuses solely on quality. Deborah is a keen blogger on all types of promotional marketing and is always keen to share experiences and lessons learned from her own promotional marketing endeavors.

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