Guerrilla marketing is one of ways to create a huge buzz around your business. Essentially, the aim of guerrilla marketing is to trigger the viewer in a shocking or sudden way. More specifically, guerrilla marketing targets the individual in a way that stands out from other forms of conventional and traditional marketing techniques. Furthermore, guerrilla marketing is depicted in a bold, visually loud and unconventional manner. For example, you may see something scaled enormously large or small, depending on the subject matter. The best part about Guerrilla Marketing? It’s free!


It goes without saying, but if you are looking to really make an impact, guerrilla marketing is the way to go. Whether you are looking to create a poster printing or an advertisement on the street, the bigger, the bolder and the more outrageous, the better for guerrilla marketing. Recently, I was driving into New York City. As I was approaching the Holland Tunnel there were three enormous ads above the entrance and exit. The ads were immense and minimal in design. They were shaped in 3 large white rectangular banners. The First one had Mini written in bold Helvetica, the middle was a Mini iPad picture and the third one said iPad. In two words and a picture, this ad made its point.

Further, guerrilla marketing is aimed at overstating the obvious by blowing it up out of proportion or decreasing its scale. The goal is to strike the viewer as fast as possible. In a sense, these ads are aimed at the unconscious of the viewer. In other words, if you see a giant 3D billboard in the shape of a pack of Camel cigarettes, you are not likely to forget it any time soon. Additionally, guerrilla marketing is a great way to get a leg up for your business. You can hire a team or develop the idea yourself. Location is a key priority for guerrilla marketing. Furthermore, it is best to set up a location that would be appropriate for your design.

In a sense, the objective of guerrilla marketing is to think outside the box. Sometimes, guerrilla marketing seems surreal, and other times it seems as life-like as possible. Moreover, there are many companies that take advantage of guerrilla marketing. Whether it is the music or entertainment industry, cooking channel, electronic companies or tobacco industry, guerrilla marketing is a way to motivate customers by unusually designed advertisements. The first step is to come up with the design and then find the right spot for your ad, and the rest is history.