The future of marketing is sitting at our doorstep. It’s up to you as a modern marketer to take the first step and optimize the way you market to customers and prospects. Marketing automation is the platform that will help you manage the workflow through this brave new world and its amazingness cannot be overstated.

What does marketing automation amazingness look like? Customers and prospects who have more automated yet personalized experiences, a marketing department that is sourcing pipeline, a much more productive sales team, and a happy CEO who is experiencing more revenue with less effort.

In order to reach a state of marketing automation amazingness you will likely need help. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to go it alone. Marketo has created the Marketing Nation where people share best practices and ideas that help you quickly maximize opportunities within a powerful marketing automation ecosystem. It’s the best way to be sure that you are reaping the full benefits of marketing automation by having access to this powerful network of ideas, experts, and integrated solutions all in one place. The end result is faster time to value and a simplified world where you are surrounded by other great marketers along the way.

The slideshow below takes you on the journey to marketing automation amazingness. It showcases the power of marketing automation and what is possible when this platform is combined with the marketing nation.

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Marketing Automation Amazingness from Marketo