Social media marketing is at the top of every business’s “Marketing Musts” list. For businesses who keep up with the times, and the latest report states that over 80%* fall into this category, plain ‘ole marketing tactics and social media platform marketing will simply no longer do.

There is a reason that over 80% of businesses are slated to invest in the latest and hottest wave in digital marketing: Influencer Campaigns. There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Social media and other targeted marketing channels are still useful, but they are the Jacks and Spades of digital marketing, while influencers are the Kings and Queens.

So what exactly is Influencer Marketing?

The A B C’s of Influencer Marketing


The number one reason businesses choose to engage with influencers or commence a full-scale influencer marketing campaign is to drastically increase awareness of their company. How does that happen? Typically businesses seek out or work with an influencer marketing company such as HireInfluence to be matched with an influencer whose audience reach matches the company’s target market. When the influencer shares the company’s content on their own platforms, anywhere from blogs to Facebook, to live events, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people view the content.

A great time to engage with influencers is during a product launch, but there are a number of goals beyond general awareness or awareness of a product for companies to engage with influencers.

Brand Backing

There is nothing more potent for a brand than the backing of an influencer. An almost shocking 92% of people trust recommendations of others, people they don’t know, even strangers, over branded content. So while it is crucial that a company pumps their brand’s content out like a Boss, no matter how hard they work, the results won’t begin to touch that of an influencer. The technical term is called the “bandwagon effect”, a scenario in which the rate of adoption of beliefs, fads, trends, or ideas increases the more they are adopted by others. Influencer marketers with enough klout and followers are guaranteed to create a bandwagon effect that will improve a brand and their products or services in the marketplace.

Content Collaboration

Content is king. We’ve all heard this saying. That’s great and all, but only when content reaches the intended audience. Influencer collaboration is beneficial for both companies and the influencers; the company is able to rapidly share their branded content on a mass scale, while influencers improve their image and add value to their platforms with unique content.

It’s no wonder so many companies are looking towards influencer marketing campaigns this year. They are a win-win for everyone involved.