The secret to growing your business is incredibly simple. You need to build a marketing system that uses both online and print media to generate new leads, builds brand loyalty, and provides you with the information you need to maximize your marketing response. You can achieve these goals by implementing the 4 essential components of an integrated marketing system. Using these elements together creates a seamless marketing system that generates more leads and converts the most leads possible, giving your business consistent and sustainable growth.

1.  Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

The key to any marketing strategy is a foundation that can consistently deliver leads. Postcard marketing is a time tested marketing method that is proven to deliver the leads your business needs to grow. This is because you can send postcards to targeted mailing lists, which not only generates leads ¾ it generates QUALITY leads. This means your postcards reach prospects that are already interested in what you offer. They just don’t know you exist yet.

When using postcard marketing, you have to reach out to both prospective AND current clients. This is crucial because to create consistent and sustainable growth you have to bring in new customers while keeping current customers engaged and loyal to your brand. Luckily, postcard marketing excels at both of these tasks.

2.  Mail Tracking

Once your postcards are sent out, mail tracking helps you prepare for the influx of responses your business is sure to see. You see, the USPS gives your postcards a barcode so they can track them as they make their way to your prospects’ mailboxes. Once they arrive, your responses start coming in and you need to be prepared to handle the increased activity. However, it isn’t cost-efficient to begin preparations unless you know your postcards have reached your prospects. Mail tracking is an important component to include in your marketing in order to maximize the response from your postcards.

3.  Google Remarketing

Although postcard marketing should be the foundation of your marketing strategy, it is important to be developing and converting leads in BOTH print and online venues. Your postcards will be generating phone responses, but almost 90% of your prospects will visit your website before they call your office. You need to implement a form of follow-up that can turn these online prospects into customers. In my experience, Google Remarketing does this the best.

Google Remarketing gives you a web code to incorporate into your website. This code tracks the visitors of your site and knows whether or not they complete a transaction. If they do not, it shows them targeted ads on any of the thousands of websites in the Google Display Network. This includes high-traffic sites like,, and This all happens automatically once the code is in place in your website. It’s a great resource for hassle-free online follow-up. A great benefit is it’s completely free unless a prospect actually clicks on your ads.

4.  Call Tracking

The final essential component of any integrated marketing system is call tracking for the phone responses your postcards generate. The way you do this is by using a special phone number on your postcards, which tracks how many calls you get and routes the calls to your office. It can also record your phone conversations, so you can evaluate your reception process and sales tactics. This technology provides you with the information you need to improve your marketing results with each campaign you send out. You can try new message tactics or tweak your designs in order to create a greater response each time. The power is in your hands.

Creating a comprehensive and integrated marketing system is the only way to maximize your marketing potential and grow your business consistently and sustainably. Putting each of these essential components in place will generate more leads and convert more of the leads you get. Look for a marketing company that can offer you these resources in one convenient package.