Text Marketing Best PracticesText marketing is oftentimes used by churches, clubs, and a number of other organizations. It is a great opportunity to send a message to a large group of people at one time, and chances are, the message will be received when you want it to be received. Most text messages are opened and read within just three minutes, and there isn’t another form of advertising faster or, arguably, more effective. However, if you are not following the best practices for text marketing, your efforts will be ineffective. To prevent marketing failure with your text campaign, take a peek at five tips for creating a winning message.

Timing is Important
If you send your messages at the wrong time, they’re not going to be very effective. Normally, business hours are the best time to send the text message, but this should also be based upon the type of business that you operate. A nightclub sending a message at 9 in the morning probably won’t provide very good results, thus timing is important. At the same time, if you’re sending messages when a person is trying to sleep, enjoying family time or busy with other activities, chances are you won’t have them on your marketing list very long.

Personal Messages Matter
Personalizing your text marketing messages is important since the consumer always wants to feel connected to the brand and company that they are dealing with. You want to ensure that the individual receiving the message knows who you are (company name,) and that it is as personal as possible.

Make your Words Count
You have only 160 characters to entice an individual to correspond to your message, thus you must ensure proper wording. Your message should be to the point and very clear so the message is understood.

Proofread and Avoid Text Language
Text language is okay when you’re talking to a friend, but when it comes down to business matters, professionalism is always a must. Don’t use text language such as ‘LOL,’ or even ‘K,’ because it is unprofessional as well as misunderstood by some people. In addition to avoiding text language, make sure that all of your messages are proofread prior to being sent, checking for grammatical errors and misspellings, as this, too, can make you seem very unprofessional.

Analytics should be Measured
One of the best things about text marketing is that it can easily be analyzed, with the data collected used for your future marketing endeavors. You can analyze the data to make your future messages better than ever and get even bigger response than the current campaign.

Mass text marketing is very effective for almost any kind of business, as long as it is used appropriately. Ensure that you take the time to construct effective campaigns, and use each of the five tips above to help make that happen.