Sci-fi is often the genre paired with the technologically savvy. And when you’re a vendor of high-end business hardware, putting your business in the genre’s futuristic settings seems like a no-brainer.

However, no matter how advanced the setting, some stories managed to retain the elements of fear and suspense that only good, old-fashioned horror can provide. What makes the sci-fi brand unique though is that it teaches you timely lessons when it comes to marketing your tech.

Sci-Fi Thriller #1 – Dead Space

Tip: Don’t make prospects crazy for you.

Now in its third installment, the Dead Space franchise is one of the latest games to have made every horror gamer’s must-play list. But more to the point, you will find a strong similarity between the game’s dreaded Markers and real-life horror that unfolds when your customers and prospects go too crazy for your tools.

In Dead Space, the Markers are enigmatic artifacts that drive entire populations to kill themselves all for the sake of harvesting dead organic matter and spreading their plague across space. In the same sense, when you’re generating hype for your tech (be it through lead generation, social media marketing, trade shows etc), there’s a point when you need to keep your fans under control. Otherwise they might do everything from abusing the technology to their detriment to inflicting that abuse on others.

Sci-Fi Thriller #2 – Sword Art Online

Tip: Launches can always go wrong. Seriously wrong.

You may not be an anime fan but the series Sword Art Online gives a really good example of a product launch gone horribly wrong. While many fans love the series for its surprising love story, the premise is still plenty terrifying.

Set in the near future, a new virtual-reality MMO is released simultaneously with the first technology to enable the experience. But while you may think NerveGear isn’t comparable to, say, a CRM cloud database, you’ll find lots of parallels when the creator reveals himself a madman. Using his admin privileges, he traps the players’ minds inside the game and rigs the technology to kill them in the real-world should their characters perish while playing.

Just because you’re not that madman doesn’t mean your cloud technology won’t experience similar disasters. Don’t wait for your clients to come crying to you because their business died from your glitches. Before generating hype, make sure no technical hiccups botch your product launch.

Sci-Fi Thriller #3 – Chronicle

Tip: Don’t let kids play with it.

Okay, so it may not technically be a horror movie. Still, there’s plenty of tension when a movie starts with fun and games but ends in drama and tragedy.

The story is about typical kids getting typical powers from an alien rock. But instead of turning superhero, the plot takes a darker and more realistic twist when one immaturely begins abusing his powers out of vengeance.

Where’s this in reality? You’ll find it in clueless users who just stumbled upon your technology and are using it the wrong way. It may not be the sort of ‘wrong’ in the ethical sense but marketing is supposed to educate your prospects. Don’t just blindly leave your tools up for downloads and free trials. Be prepared to jump in when it looks like somebody is taking your tech down the wrong path.

Halloween is just around the corner. But while some prefer vampires, ghosts, and the occult, the tech-brand of horror can teach you a lot about parading your tools without thinking.