With the development of social media tools which enable brands to interact with their ‘Fans’, it was just a matter of time before the same principles were applied to advertising and acquisition.

While running a contest for the worst looking website, in order to promote the services of a young and energetic web design company, the team behind Trendemon began to understand the true power of ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing.

Speaking to CommerceOnFacebook.Com, Avishai Sharon, CEO and co-Founder of Trendemon explained how, after mentioning the contest to a leading hip-hop artist who then wrote about it and shared his thoughts with his social media followers, the contest landing page received 4,000 visitors in the space of one hour. The need to spend money on advertising was no longer necessary and the seed of how successful ‘Word of Mouth’ social marketing could be accomplished was firmly planted into the foundations of Trendemon.

Trendemon is making inroads into the world of social advertising. Basing the principals around social psychology and trendsetting influencers, they are tapping into a whole new world of social customer acquisition. The offering is comprised of an interface which links directly to community leaders and trendsetters. In the past, where advertising networks consisted of advertisers and publishers, social advertising with Trendemon consists of advertisers and community influencers.

The people who influence their followers can choose which offers to share with their community. They can be rewarded based on these actions and can even choose to share the reward with their communities.

The technology aspect of the equation is twofold. Firstly, analysis of trendsetters and their audience to create channel relevancy and secondly, matching campaigns to relevant trendsetters.

“It’s more than just technology,” stated Avishai “it’s understanding the human algorithm. More than just an announcement of an offer, it is conversation dominance.”

In short, trendsetters are followed. What Trendemon have created is a way to identify trendsetters within their communities and offer this influence in a natural way to advertisers. Unlike a celebrity endorsement within a televised advertising campaign, this form of ‘celebrity’ endorsement is a much more personal and focused interaction. This is the evolution of social media for business. It is also easier to see the direct results of ROI in relation to social media interaction, using the Trendemon dashboard.

Grey Group has already seen the value in this type of advertising and has already become one of the first clients to sign up for access to the Trendemon interface and advertising services.