While we here at FiddleFly are software providers on paper, we are creatives and mobile marketing enthusiasts at heart. Our platform is designed to help you build incredible things on the mobile web, and a big part of that is building awesome mobile content and campaigns. Building great sites is step one in the mobile marketing game, but a mobile site is only effective if it reaches its audience, so we wanted to offer a few quick tips on how you can get your messaging in front of mobile users when they are at their most receptive.  Here are a few ideas on how your business can capitalize on mobile by targeting the second screen.

From TV to Mobile

You’ve likely seen this stat before but it is one that is crucial in pointing out just how effective a good mobile landing page can be: Almost 90% of mobile device users are using their devices while watching TV, a huge number of which are actually browsing the ads they see on screen. Any marketer that is utilizing TV ads and not supplementing them with great mobile landing pages is missing a huge opportunity to not only extend your messaging, but to also give your customers an outlet to take action immediately. As we move closer and closer to mobile devices being the primary source of web traffic, having an optimized, well designed mobile landing page for your TV ads is absolutely essential.

Desktop and Mobile Can Go Hand-In-Hand

It may seem counter-intuitive to think of mobile as an extension of desktop, however there are actually some really creative things you can do when linking the two. While any product or service that is browsable on mobile can (or should) be browsable on desktop, the two mediums open all kinds of doors to present the same content in two different ways. The desktop site can be set up as a research tool and mobile can be an action-first complimentary experience that lets you take what you have learned on desktop and act on it later from anywhere. Create a fluid transition between desktop and mobile by allowing users to scan a QR code off the screen and take the experience with them when they are ready to be on the move or use your desktop ad to invite users to go out into the real world and find content that they can scan or photograph with their phones.

A Consumer With Downtime is a Mobile Marketer’s Dream

Any mobile marketer worth their salt will need to understand when and where they can best reach their audience. In terms of receptiveness, mobile users are never more vulnerable than when they are forced to kill time. This has been the backbone of the print advertising industry for years, but now with mobile you can take downtime targeting to a whole new level. Connecting print ads to a more engaging experience by offering an interactive mobile feature, attaching a QR code to exclusive mobile video or photo content, or even giving users the chance to purchase on the spot will have huge returns. You can also target the actual physical landscapes that people will be waiting in themselves. Placing URLs in waiting rooms, airport terminals, bars, even bathrooms, can give users a more engaging way to pass their time, and connect them to your brand.

Public Transit: The Next Mobile Marketing Mecca

It is a wonder this has taken so long, but we are finally beginning to see a small influx of mobile advertising popping up around public transportation hubs. If you have taken the metro or ridden a bus in the recent past, you have surely seen the huge percentage of passengers that spend nearly their entire commute staring at their mobile device. So then, why not give them something original and engaging to stare at for the duration of their ride in the form of a mobile microsite. You can place your URLs inside intriguing ads in the vehicles themselves, or in the loading terminals, and allow commuters to pass the time directly interacting with your product rather than simply sticking a banner ad into Words With Friends and hoping they might accidentally click it.

As always, this is only a small portion of the puzzle in terms of what is possible with mobile. The second screen is a phenomenon that truly has the ability to connect everything from anywhere, and if you can find new and exciting ways to make this technology work for you, it wont be long before your business reaches levels you never thought possible.