I talk – a lot. But I hope that you guys also get a lot out of my endless babble about the integrated marketing world. Let me talk to you about the “10 – 90.” Part of getting sales if giving away your smarts first to prove your metal. Often it’s better help a little and show people what to do as the end payoff is, far more than likely, going to be greater.

The next thing people always say is, “Well if I start doing that, it’s just giving away what I’m supposed to get paid for.”

This is the most paranoid, candy-assed answer ever. I can get a mechanic to give step-by-step instructions on how to replace a vintage carburetor, but I don’t have the time, tools or inclination to do so. However, I trust this guy can get my car back on the road because he was willing to teach me to fish, so to speak. And I appreciate that he WANTED to help me.

It’s what I call the 10/90. 

No – not a mullet. Though that, and a 77′ T-Top Trans Am are THE gateway to awesomeness.

You give away 10 percent of your knowledge and you charge for 90 percent. If people see your willingness to help them with honest, no-strings-attached advice, then they will never go to anyone else. It’s human nature. We like comfort zones.

Old-school selling was about being the cheapest and loudest. No-sell social is about creating a relationship where I don’t want to go anywhere else because I trust that person and don’t care what it costs.

Ways that you can “give” the 10% are easy:

Now tell me about the 10 percent you’re giving away.