You hear this message a lot at this time of the year,

“I am going to take the last two weeks of December off to be with my family and use the time to get regenerated.”

I used to be in envy of these people till about five years ago when I finally saw the light.

First off, each night you should be getting regenerated with your family.

Also, as I talk to other marketing directors, I am finding out that December is an awesome time to bring in new business clients. Just this week, I have talked to several, (5) representatives from large companies who would like to secure business for 2012.

Think about it, if a majority of  your competitors are taking time off from work, this means the playing field is reduced and people who really want to make deals are going to go to those people who are most available and receptive to negotiate this month.

This should be a sign that the more you can get your brand noticed at a time when others have packed it in for the year could help you get a terrific start to the new year.

So the next time you see one of your competitors at a networking event or conference this time of year, ask them if they will be taking time off this Christmas. It may be the opportunity you have been waiting for to pick up new business.  “Just a thought”

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