A Big Brand Entrepreneurial Mastery Post

Coca Cola has taken note of the new digital media and how to strategise amazing content marketing tactics using what they call ‘Liquid & Linked Content’ and their own conversation model and brand stories.

No matter how large or small your business is you could be using these ideas for your digital media and online brand marketing!

Let’s watch how Coke is planning to take over the web by 2020:


Chapter 1. Move From Creative Excellence to Content Excellence – create ideas and stories so contagious they cannot be controlled (Liquid content) and create conversations around this Liquid Content and act and react to every conversation…

Chapter 2. Encourage Connection and Engagement – Get to a place where consumer generated stories not only outnumber brand generated stories, but encourage and leverage those conversations and ideas…

Chapter 3. The Evolution of Story-telling – moving from one way story-telling to two way story-telling and develop dynamic story-telling and co-ordinated brand experiences or risk just spreading ‘noise’ rather than engagement.

Chapter 4. Baking ‘Live Positively’ Into Every Our Story-Telling Plans – our brand stories must clearly demonstrate our commitment to making our world a better place via the ‘Live Positively’ story-telling content

Chapter 5. From Insights to Provocations – bigger thinking at the heart of our strategic groups, what we need are ideas that provoke us to large transformational changes rather than smaller incremental changes. Collaborate with consumers via dynamic and regular conversations that create a ‘Big Fat Fertile’ space for creative and transformational brand changes.

Chapter 6. Developing ‘Liquid Content’ – Content = the creation of stories that are expressed through every possible connection and Liquid = elements of content that move freely amongst themselves and take on a life force of their own, but do not leave the original story.

Chapter 7. Applying the 70/20/10 Investment Principles to Liquid Content – 50% of our time of our content will be generated for the 70% portion of our investment this will be more generic, low risk content, 25% of our time will be put towards 20% of the content where we will innovate on what works and engages more deeply still with a broad scale, and then there will be the 10% of our content which takes up another 25% of our time and which will be high risk content where we declare and promote brand new ideas.

Chapter 8. Researching Liquid Content – put time into researching what works, what has worked for other brands and how you can improve on it. More time in the conversational and real-time testing, learn how to pool the conversations in the long term.

Chapter 9. Applying the Dollar Multiplier to the Iterative Process – We need a lot more content in a lot more places without a lot more dollars and so we’ve developed a principle we call the Dollar Multiplier – remember we need to iterate, iterate rather than just replicate content

Chapter 10 – Summary

What do you think of all this? What does it mean to you?

Can you see how you could be leveraging Coca Cola’s research and ideas for your business?