It’s not about the 30 second commercial anymore! Advertisers and brands are looking to Mobile and Twitter to engage with consumers long after their ad spot is over.

Keep your iPhones out and charged this Sunday. We are sure you will need them! Mobile is expected to play a large role in the marketing experience during the big game, as it is a great, less expensive way, to engage with consumers during one of the year’s biggest marketing extravaganzas. It also costs a little less than a 3.8 million dollar TV Spot, which allows for more brands to leverage this channel.

Apps like Shazam are sure to be in use as brands try to engage with their viewers longer than their commercial. This free app lets you identify a song using your phone’s speaker and will then link you to the song name, or better yet, a second screen experience on your phone. Look for the Shazam symbol on the TV to get in on second screen action.

General Motors released their Chevy Game Time App which allows users to interact and play along with the game and commercials. You can even answer live trivia and participate in live polling.

While you are in the App Store, don’t forget to download the Official NFL Game Program featuring tons of content, including a video of the Ravens and 49er’s road to the Super Bowl (although, feel free to skip over the Raven’s win against my home team, the Patriots).

And lastly, another brand leveraging the second screen is Target, who opted out for a TV ad, and in for a mobile game called the “Snack Bowl.” The game is a branded version of the food fight from Animal House, where the target logo is prominently displayed.

Twitter is expecting thousands of tweets per second this Sunday and we can also expect a few hash tags that will be in full effect on Sunday (i.e. #SuperBowlXLVII, #PepsiHalftime, #HarBowl, #ravens, #niners). I’m most excited to see what hashtags will come out of the live action and commercials. Expect advertisers to continue the trend of placing that hashtag in the corner of the screen during commercials; a clever idea which allows marketers to extend their brand interaction with viewers on Twitter when the 30 second commercial is over.

superbowlBrands are also expected to promote tweets and trends during the game and during ads. Look for Toyota’s promotion for its RAV4 car during its TV Ad, as well as the hashtag #wishgranted. Coke is also leveraging the hashtag with their new ad titled “Mirage.” Three teams race to be the first to the Coke desert oasis. Viewers can vote for the winner via hashtags.

And what’s a Super Bowl without Budweiser’s famous Clydesdales? The pale lager producer just recently launched their new Twitter account (@budweiser), yesterday, 1/31, along with its Super Bowl commercial. The spot follows the birth of a young Clydesdale. Back on twitter the brand is asking for followers to name the new Clydesdale using the hashtag #Clydesdales.

It’s sure to be a busy time in the twitterverse this weekend, so make sure you don’t miss the action! Here are some great twitter handles to follow for the Big Game:






Don’t forget to use the official hashtag #CBSSuperBowl. And hopefully this Sunday we don’t see another Beyonce #lipsyncgate!