With just a few weeks left in the regular season, teams are starting to stake their claim for playoff greatness. And as the Texans and Falcons know, it’s never too early to start planning your strategy for the biggest game of them all: the Super Bowl. If you’re a brand with commercials airing during Super Bowl XLVII, or if you’re a marketer looking to pick up some tricks for supporting your television campaign, read on for three important considerations to help you win big:

Be Present Before & After

So now that you’ve got your 30-second time slot, all that’s left to do is shoot the commercial and wait for sales to skyrocket, right? If this is your approach, you may be missing out on the valuable weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday where brands compete for buzz and consumer interest. Last year, Super Bowl advertisers leaked teasers of their commercials as early as January 1. That leaves six weeks of prime campaign build-up, which can be used to whet the appetites of future viewers with sneak peaks and outtakes on your website, social channels and email communications.

When Super Bowl Sunday arrives, make sure to have a hefty presence in paid search and video search (YouTube) results when viewers are clamoring to see your ad a second, third and tenth time. Industry experts recommend allocating at least 10% of what you spend on your commercial buy to digital marketing channels such as display, paid search and social media advertising to support your television investment. Keep in mind that video views spike during the game itself, but often remain elevated for several days after, so it’s important to maintain a presence even after the big event.

Integrate for Impact

In order to provide a seamless experience between your television commercial and your digital support, integration across channels is a must. Incorporate visuals and messaging form your commercial into your digital presence, and make sure to provide direction for audiences to transition from one platform to another. YouTube overlays directing to your consumer website or links within your Twitter messaging directing to exclusive content on Facebook are great examples of integrating for impact.

Don’t forget that mobile and tablets play a pivotal role in the Super Bowl experience, as audiences are more likely to be at bars or parties or on the couch using a portable device. Integrating mobile versions of your ads across digital channels will ensure you are capturing these viewers looking for your content during the big game.

Keep your Eye on the Prize

Though it can be tempting to get caught up in all the Super Bowl glitz and glamour (after all, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Super Bowl for a brand or marketer), your goals need to remain forefront in your planning. Is your main objective to raise awareness or increase sales? Maybe it’s the completion of an action on your consumer website from those who saw your commercial. If your goal is get visitors to your website, include proper calls to action and links to your site. Put all initiatives through a quick gut check to ensure they are in line with your objectives.

And above all else, have a measurement plan in place. If you objective is to increase sales, make sure you have a proper process in place to link sales to your commercials and digital media. If you’re looking for maximum exposure of your commercial, consider embedding directly from YouTube when promoting your video assets through other media channels so that you have a proper view count all within one source. You’re likely investing a good portion of your budget toward these initiatives, so do your due diligence to measure if they are returning the outcomes your desire.