Creating an environment that allows your employees to thrive is essential in creating a strong work culture. This will help promote growth, creativity, and an innovative work environment that will only result in success, for your brand.

Here are a few things that can kill your employees’ motivation.


Inconsistency can create a chaotic work culture. John Rampton, Founder of Due suggests to all new hires that are working with teams and building up other employees to “Be consistent across the board about your vision, goal, work culture, and the kind of people you choose to bring on board. This will set expectations on both sides and help to grow the best employees out there.”

Being consistent is also very tough, because it requires the ability to define your vision and to walk a fine line, one that is focused on the vision of your brand. It can, however, be very rewarding, especially to keeping your team motivated.  Your team will have a clear understanding of the goals, and direction in which they can focus their creativity and energy.

Lack of Professional Development

Creating an environment that encourages personal development allows your employees to feel you care about their ability to succeed. Many successful brands offer training for their employees, reimbursement for continued education, and more.

Making it difficult for your employees to grow will create a stagnant work environment.

Non-Existent Leadership

Applying a strategic approach to leadership will help to simplify the process create a more productive environment for your teams.  Bad leadership pollutes the whole chain, and creates a disruption in the organization. As they say, the fish rots from the head down.

Implementing a leadership plan for your organization is important, and will make the hiring process simpler, as you bring on people who fit in with your vision for your business 

The Inability to Communicate Effectively

Communication is not just important in the success of your relationships, the inability to communicate in business is a one way ticket to failure, and a team with no sense of direction, and in turn an inability to remain motivated.

A chink in the chain of communication will leave critical tasks incomplete, cause missed deadlines, and a disorganized work environment.

Lack of Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, especially in the workplace. Employees want to know you see and hear them. Showing appreciation is the least you can do for an employee that gives you 110%. Encouraging and rewarding your team will help to keep them motivated, and will motivate those who may lack motivation.

Make time to analyze your work culture, and to make it a priority to stay on top of the needs of your team.

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