One of the most effective ways to improve your marketing message is by articulating the end results customers derive from your offering.

Humans make decisions based on emotions,
then use their rational mind to justify decisions. In the battle of the heart vs. the mind, the heart often wins, therefore, in order to earn the attention of your prospects, you need to hook them emotionally.

Your marketing materials need to paint a beautiful picture of how much better your customer’s lives are going to be after purchasing your offering. This is similar to touting the benefits of your product or service, but in our hyper-connected, instant-gratification society, consumers want more than benefits, they want results – and they want ‘em now!

Emotional engagement is still novel to small business owners who comfortably tout product features, so it may take some time before it feels authentic. That’s why it’s important to build relationships with your customers, so you know what their points of frustration, obstacles, and objections are.

When you have a rapport with your audience, you can ask them important questions like, Why they patronize you, How their lives are better because of it, and What benefits they would highlight when referring your business to friends.

This information is golden when it comes time to write copy for marketing collateral
such as website, brochures, advertisements, direct mail pieces and radio spots. You can use it on your sales calls, during your networking and even focus on the results of your offering when managing your social media platforms.

Let’s look at a few case studies from some real-world scenarios:

Study #1: There was a Real Estate team trying to break into a crowded, upscale market outside of their area. They were focusing their message on the combined experience between them, and wondering why they weren’t making much headway.

This reminds me of a saying that goes, “People don’t CARE how much you KNOW, until they KNOW how much you CARE.” Sure, experience is important, but there are higher priorities involved in the challenging process of buying and selling your home.

Instead, we tweaked their message to speak to the alleviation of headaches, obstacles, delays and red tape that first-time home buyers often face, and the joy, excitement and thrill of finally getting the keys to your first home.

Study #2: There’s a Health Club in town that has been showcasing their wide selection of machines and amenities in their marketing. While impressive, people don’t make emotional connections with workout equipment.

Therefore, we are currently in the midst of a major brand overhaul, which will put the focus on the thrill of experiencing the results and the improved quality of life enjoyed by members who are committed to fitness.

Study #3:
While consulting with an Insurance Agent, we decided to avoid the fear-based concepts and policy-jargon that plagues most insurance advertising. Instead, this agent felt strongly that her main point of difference was in her simple, easy-to-understand policies.

The next step was to ask, “What are the results enjoyed by simplifying something that’s typically arduous and confusing?”

In order to get you thinking in the right direction, I’ll leave that question for you to answer. As for our answers, we managed to produce an engaging marketing message in the typically humdrum category of insurance.

While touting your experience, equipment and policies may be enough to satisfy the logical mind, it’s the RESULTS of your more unique attributes that pack the emotional punch necessary to break through the cluttered advertising landscape and forge emotional connections with your audience.

Speak the language of results, and you will also be speaking the language of Success!