emotional marketing to momsEmotional marketing is a strong tool for brands. When consumers connect with a brand’s message, the resulting emotion can lead them to make a purchase. This marketing strategy triggers an emotional response in the consumer – a compelling desire for that brand or product.

Whether it’s through nostalgia, a feeling of comfort or sheer excitement, emotional marketing can produce powerful results. If your target audience is moms, make sure brand messaging speaks to an emotion that they can truly connect with. Does it evoke feelings of safety, convey a sense of nurturing, or bring forth joyful emotion? Any one of these examples can connect to moms on a meaningful level beyond simple product appeal.

This emotional attachment can lead to consumer loyalty – a goal for any brand. By turning “wants” into “needs”, brands can create a consumer demand. Take a look at brands that do an excellent job at marketing to moms on an emotional level:

Boba: This mom-focused brand recently unveiled a powerful commercial. The “You Made Me a Mother” campaign pulls at the heartstrings of moms and reinforces the bond between mother and child. It conveys a sense of unconditional love and undeniable trust. When a brand can connect through such powerful emotion, moms will pay attention.

 Through their “Real Beauty” campaign, this brand conveys a sense of belonging among women. Dove’s campaign connects with everyone from adolescents to the millennial mom. Their tagline says it all: “Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.” Emotional marketing through a sense of social security is an effective tool – especially when used by a brand who markets primarily to women.

dove real beauty campaign

P&G: Through their “Thank You, Mom” campaign, this brand communicates a sense of comfort. It tells children that when they fall, mom will be there to pick them back up. This commercial made its debut during the 2014 Olympic Games and won over the hearts of moms nationwide. P&G connected with moms’ automatic response to protect their children, and left a lasting impression on consumers’ minds.

When a consumer chooses a product based on emotion alone, the brand has done something right. They’ve connected in a way that others haven’t. To learn about other consumer trends that are on moms’ minds, download our free white paper.