How to Streamline your Social Media Platforms for Better Generation of IT Leads

In recent experiences, B2B marketers are taking social media seriously. And this is because digital marketing channels offer ample opportunities to maximize lead generation activities.

Along with traditional forms of marketing, online social platforms can bring about an influx of high quality B2B leads as well as better revenue generation –depending on the way you plan your online strategies.

In the IT industry, managers are seeking effective ways to broadcast their products towards the appropriate prospects. But judging from recent surveys conducted by institutions like HubSpot, social media is seen as the least reliable in terms of B2B lead generation for IT products and services. Not many decision makers within the industry rely on social channels for information on possible IT solutions.

But we must consider though that effectiveness varies depending on the way you utilize your marketing capital. Social media is not necessarily an ineffective platform. There are only ineffective ways on controlling it to your advantage.

As a manager, you will need to decide on appropriate methods in using your social profiles for a better marketing experience. As a start, consider the following tips:

Ramp up your LinkedIn campaign.For every business manager, LinkedIn deserves considerable attention. Owing to its demographics consisting mostly of professionals and leaders in the IT market, the site provides ample business possibilities. Hence, it is imperative to maximize its content distribution and lead prospecting tools like its Advanced Search service.

Update your blog regularly. HubSpot has noted that companies that blog on a regular basis generate five times more lead traffic than those who don’t. Moreover, company blogs that has published 200 articles experience considerable increase in their B2B lead generation. Considering these findings, it would be right that B2B blogging is not overrated after all. So, keep on posting and providing your audience with the information they need.

How about a YouTube video? YouTube is an excellent marketing channel. It is also an excellent content platform that allows for direct audience engagement. And considering the nature of the IT industry, video-based lead generation campaigns can impart a wealth of knowledge about the industry and about your company’s identity. For a start, establish your credibility as an industry player by uploading reviews and tutorials. Don’t forget to include links to your landing pages so your prospects can engage you further.

There are tons of other neat tricks that an IT industry can utilize in raking in high quality IT leads. But you can always trust on a competent B2B marketing firm to supply the needed expertise along with a clear knowledge of the nature of the IT services sector.

This post originally appeared How to Streamline Your Social Media Platforms for Better Generation of IT Leads