Whether you are an independent grocery store distributor responsible for promoting new products or a retail owner who is looking for ways to drive business, it is important for you to stay on top of in-store marketing trends. Which trends should you begin to implement in your strategy? Try these:

Use tablets.

Provide your customers with a unique shopping experience by strategically using tablets around your store. Place tablets at the checkout counter and ask if they would like to enter their information to sign up for emails or take a short survey. Allow customers to browse through the weekly deals on tablets placed throughout the store so they don’t have to remember to clip coupons before coming in to shop. Place tablets at various locations in the store to advertise new products or display short videos demonstrating how to use complex items. There are endless ways you can incorporate tablets into your in-store marketing strategy, so start small and see how it plays out before you ramp up your efforts.

Local relevance.

Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the community so you can drive business to your store. For example, if your store is nearby a college with a successful football team, market items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and seat cushions before big games since these items will make fans more comfortable as they watch the game. It’s important to make your store and your marketing strategy locally relevant so you can truly be accepted as part of the community.

Merge online and offline.

Digital marketing can no longer be ignored by any business big or small. But, brick and mortar stores have a unique opportunity to merge their online and offline marketing strategies into one. Instead of relying solely on in-store signage, retailers need to aggressively promote upcoming discounts and deals through online channels to drive traffic to the store.

Are you a smaller, niche retailer, such as a luxury women’s clothing boutique? Tell your online fans to like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram. Then, ask that they show you next time they’re in your store that they are connected to you on social media and reward them with a discount on their next purchase. Remember, it’s important to reach customers through digital platforms, but that doesn’t mean the relationship has to exist solely in the online world. Offer these incentives to drive people into your store as part of your in-store marketing strategy.

Get your staff involved.

Today’s customers believe they should experience impressive customer service everywhere they go—whether it’s a high-end department store or a grocery store on the corner of their street. Therefore, your employees can be used to market different products in your store as long as you take the time to train and reward them for their efforts. Encourage your employees to ask customers if they need help, introduce them to new products and show them what’s been popular with other customers lately. This personal touch will help you drive business while also increasing customer satisfaction.

What in-store marketing trends do you have your eye on? Share your predictions in the comments below!