How many times have you walked passed a promotional marketing event and avoided making awkward eye-sight with the ambassadors to prevent being hard-sold to, given a flyer destined for the recycling bin or worse, begrudgingly share your contact details to receive unsolicited emails about a product that zero interests you?

Probably, more than once and you’re not the only one.

Traditional Marketing No Longer Work

The traditional marketing model for promotional events that focuses heavily on making sales and generating leads no longer works. While there remains value in selling the individual features of a product, people make purchases based on emotions. So regardless of all the data analysis and pros/cons lists that you’ve made, your customer’s decision to purchase your product or service is based on how they feel about your brand.

Customers now want to feel part of something and with the prevalence of social media, have been conditioned to seek experience. Because of this, your business needs to connect emotionally with your customers at promotional events by creating positive experiences.

Welcome Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing has changed event marketing. Instead of being sold a product or service based on features, experiential marketing allows businesses to create experiences through direct interaction.

Instead of simply advertising a product, you’re letting the customer see and feel what their lives would be like with it. By doing so, you’re creating an association between your brand and positive experiences.

The goal of experiential marketing is to create lasting impressions with customers that they want to share with their network, ultimately leading to customer loyalty and brand advocates.

In Conclusion,

Your product or service is no longer the most important thing your business is selling. By creating and promoting an experience rather than the product itself, your business will begin to see enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn and increased revenue as well as greater employee satisfaction.