Stop Being Impatient if You Want Digital and Social Marketing Results

Patience is one of those words that many business and marketing leaders struggle with. It’s natural to want results and to want them right now at this very moment. As humans we tend to want what we want when we want it, right?

However, as time pertains to both business and life it is always good to be patient. You know the saying… “good things come to those who wait.” But does it? Do we really need to wait?

I think that is the greatest misnomer about patience, is that you have to wait. The truth is that being “patient” doesn’t necessarily mean you are sitting on your tush doing nothing. In business it can mean that you are doing the right things to get to where you want to go and to achieve the business goals and objectives in the right way.

Patience in business is more about doing the right things that will sustain and grow your business for not only the short term but also the medium and long term.

When it comes to marketing and social media, too many business leaders are far too impatient. They are looking for the the easy button, the magic pill or the magic carpet ride that will give them instant results.

The worst part is that there are also many agencies and consultants who take advantage of these desperate, impatient people! They love their weaknesses and will sell them on the fallacy of instant results that are not feasible and take advantage of an unknowing customer who is looking for the shortcut to instant fame and success. Then, the desperate, impatient business marketer winds up in a worst place than if he or she would have simply been patient and done the right things to begin with.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I deliver some tough love to those who struggle with being impatient. I share tips to kick that impatient attitude to the curb and help you understand why you must slow down to speed up, set goals, determine objectives and build a plan to achieve and build your dream business and life. I also share some things to look out for when hiring an agency or consultant who may be promising you more than anyone could possibly deliver.

Episode Highlights

  • Why you must kick your impatient attitude to the curb if you want results using social media
  • Why you must first acknowledge you are impatient
  • How I deal with my own impatient personality in business and life
  • How to embrace your impatience to achieve the results you want
  • Slowing down to speed up for turbo
  • Why patience doesn’t equal doing nothing or waiting
  • Planning for the future sustainability of your business, not just instant results today
  • How to identify an agency or consultant overselling you results that are not feasible

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