Holiday marketing

The upcoming holiday season means customers will begin to feel the barrage of marketing materials from retailers, restaurants and service providers hopeful to position their goods as the perfect holiday present. NPR reported that some nonprofits are also getting involved with “Giving Tuesday” as a response to the retail industry’s “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.”

Last year, more than 1,400 groups participated in the push to get the word out and solicit charitable donations for their nonprofit organizations. It turns out the holidays are the perfect time to spread the word about your good works, so go into this holiday season prepared with well-designed, clear and easy-to-distribute materials.

Set Goals

Before beginning a holiday marketing campaign, it’s important to set a clear purpose and goals. Are you looking to gain members, solicit volunteers or raise funds? Depending on your organization’s current needs, you need to figure out a clear call to action people can easily accomplish. The holidays are a busy time of year, but people tend to be more willing to take on multiple social commitments during this season. Philanthropy Journal suggests using a calendar to plan both events and communications activity around widely celebrated holidays.

A festive, holiday-themed benefit event, if well-planned and marketed, might actually draw people out who normally play homebody during the rest of the year. You can also think about partnering with existing organizations to pool your marketing resources and spread the word about both of your missions while saving money on the cost of creating and printing postcards, flyers and other promotional materials.

Get Savvy About Production and Design

Nonprofit organizations don’t typically have large budgets to spend on marketing, but that doesn’t mean they get a pass on the quality of their materials. See if you can solicit professional design help at a pro bono rate to get attractive holiday-themed promotional materials for your fundraising event or awareness-raising mail campaign. Include your nonprofit’s logo on all materials, and shoot for a clean, clear design that includes all the information people need to act, donate, or volunteer. Call several printing companies in order to get the best quote on your materials, and be sure to investigate overnight printing options for postcards so that you can move from design to production quickly and affordably.

The Power of Staying In Touch

Even if you don’t have a specific call to action this holiday season, you should still send out a simple, sincere card to your friends and supporters to express gratitude for their involvement. Nonprofit management blog npENGAGE recommends regularly showing your supporters sincere appreciation and the holidays are always a great time to say “thank you.” Send a beautiful holiday cards to spread your thanks and increase awareness of your brand. By saying “hello” at the holidays, you’re priming your supporters to be more likely to say “yes” when you next ask them to help out and donate their time or money to your cause.