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The marketing landscape is ever-changing and growing with advances in technology, software, methods and practices that drive results in both profit and productivity. To stay ahead, marketers must know how to take advantage of the various outlets available both online and offline. The following tips and suggestions are small practices marketers can use that will keep them ahead of an ever-changing industry.


You would think everyone would know the fundamentals of effective communication. But what makes a great communicator is recognizing the various methods of interaction and how they can be utilized to engage with your audience. Consider the types of messages you relay when you communicate.

Do your practices:

Inspire action?
Evoke emotion?
Drive conversation?
Expand the imagination?

Engaging with your audience is pivotal for any marketing campaign. However, the best marketers know how to craft applicable messages to the right audience and build lasting relationships through those messages.

Lead your automation

The days of marketing being just a selling process are over. Brands strategically look at marketing from a holistic point of view and create an end-to-end experience with their consumers. Businesses that use advanced marketing automation are miles ahead of their competition because consumers now expect this as a standard.

These consumers make their expectations very clear. They want user friendliness, relevancy, and unique customization options at every point of their digital experience.


It’s important to not get caught up in the whirlwind of new and complex marketing techniques. Staying ahead does not mean utilizing every new tool that becomes available; it may not even suit your business model. It is important though to be aware of the new trends and tricks, but stick to the path that works best for your model. If you see the same topic on every site in your industry, such as the plethora of posts on making marketing mobile, then yes – it’s a trend you’ll want to follow closely.

Innovation and Inspiration

This time of year is buzzing with articles on upcoming trends, software, and tools to push your marketing automation to the next level. It would never hurt to develop a solid lists of blogs or news feeds that follow the latest changes in apps, tech, websites, devices, social media, and more.

Big marketing tech brands are constantly pushing the envelope with fresh perspectives that force their counterparts to question their outlook and redefine what they find innovative. It’s important to follow several influencers in each digital marketing niche and subscribe to various publishers to stay abreast on what’s new, what’s working and what to look out for.


Once you follow an array of different news feeds, blogs and podcasts you’re going to be equipped with so much information that you may not know what can work for you. Before you make any changes in your marketing strategy or decide to integrate your findings into your day to day, be sure the tools you currently have are up to date with the latest trends and methods.

There are several ways you can stay on top of this.

Blogging: It’s the easiest practice you can use to show your online presence and you provide your visitors with relevant and appreciated content. Be sure to write on topics that your target buyer will be invested in and can use for their own needs.

Social Media: Nothing happens faster in the digital world than placing new content directly in front of consumers, brands and businesses via social media. Big brands are always adjusting and fine tuning their practices to the demands of technology and smaller brands should certainly follow.

Know your competition

The worst thing a marketer can do is be so engulfed in their own practices that they don’t recognize what’s going on around them. Always analyze your landscape. Spend time to research your competition and better understand your own brand positioning. The best way to stand out amongst your competition is to be unique and create a diverse group of relationships that support your identity. Determine your voice and let it speak clearly across each of your brand channels.

Bonus: None of these tips will be effective without dedication and confidence. It’s important to be able to look to your own self for imaginative concepts push your growth to new levels with each day.

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