More and more brands are getting on board with project management and approval workflow software. And why wouldn’t they? With inbuilt project management and online proofing tools and benefits such as greater transparency, better collaboration, fewer artwork revisions, staying on deadline and meeting budgets, it’s a no-brainer.

Selecting creative project management software

In turn, ad agencies need to make sure they respond to this increasing demand on their own terms. This means being proactive in choosing the right software that meets their needs before this option becomes redundant.

5 reasons why ad agencies should be proactive in selecting their project management and approval workflow software

1. If an ad agency doesn’t act on its own behalf, eventually a project management and approval workflow software will be dictated by the client – a reality that is already happening. If this occurs, the agency effectively loses control of how it works, which will have a direct, and possibly negative, impact on internal processes and workflow.

2. In selecting creative project management software, an organisation needs to make a detailed list of requirements that it can match with the features of potential software. If the agency leaves the decision up to the client, it won’t get to choose a solution that is a better fit.

3. A number of key stakeholders need to be included in the decision making process of selecting project and approval workflow software. If these stakeholders are not included in this process, uptake of the software can have additional challenges such as poor engagement.

4. In the absence of a solution, one brand might dictate to an ad agency it wants software X but a second client might want software Y. In this scenario the agency will end up using different tools with different processes for different clients. Having to manage more than one solution is a headache every agency should avoid, as it doesn’t foster a productive environment.

5. When a brand dictates the solution, the ad agency might have to implement and learn a new project management software at one of its busiest times. If the agency is proactive in selecting the software, it can properly dedicate resources to the project at the right time to ensure it selects software that really meets its needs.

If you’re an ad agency, it’s paramount that you maintain control of your working environment by selecting a project management and approval workflow software that’s a good fit for you.

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