Today, advertising post-production houses are increasingly challenged, both by market competition and margin cuts. Adding ad distribution services to your service offerings can be one way to be more competitive, and open up a new stream of revenue.

Agencies, traditionally the clients of post-houses, have now turned into potential competitors, with many now seeking to move post-production in-house. 

On the other hand, clients are increasingly demanding increasingly quality work at even lower prices. The industry has become a buyers’ market, with competing post-houses seeking to win work by dropping their rates while still retaining high client expectations. Overall, it’s a race to the bottom that means more work, but less revenue.

Without going into the politics behind these new challenges, clearly, a change is needed. Post-production houses need a practical way to improve their competitiveness in the marketplace, and add new streams of revenue. Expanding and diversifying your service offering is just one way to do this.

Time to re-consider ad delivery

Many post-production houses often overlook the potential earnings they can get by offering advertising distribution as an add-on service for their clients. But with recent changes, it’s time to take a fresh look.

In the past, post-houses have been reluctant to dive into the distribution side of things, because physically packaging and shipping tapes and drives required expensive investments in mail-room infrastructure. They saw distribution operations as labor-intensive while returning slim profits. Many were also put off by what they saw as increased liability and risk of things going wrong.

But the situation has changed drastically in recent years. The days of shipping physical tapes and drives are largely behind us. Advertising distribution has gone digital, and with the new generation web-based platforms, it’s now easy to add distribution and delivery services to your operations, without the risks and frustrations of the past.

In terms of workflow, it makes sense for post-production houses to consider diving into distribution – rather than passing the files over to yet another party, you can differentiate your services, and save clients both time and money by directly shuttling your output to their final destination.

Easily add ad distribution to your offerings with MediaPro

MediaPro makes it easy for post-houses to start offering advertising distribution services. As a Cloud-based platform that runs entirely within your browser, MediaPro requires little to no initial investment. No complicated and costly licenses, no installing software on your server, or worrying about how powerful your computers are.

And because it has been designed by post-production professionals, operators and managers alike can quickly and intuitively get started without having to invest a lot of time and money in training, with a customizable, color-coded interface, as well as the ability to remotely access the tool using the browsers on portable devices like tablets and smartphones.

In direct contrast to traditionally labor-intensive “dub-and-ship” operations, MediaPro helps you manage your workload in a fast and easy manner. The MediaPro ordering process makes it fast and easy to deal with a range of jobs, whether you are dealing with just one spot for one destination, or a variety of spots going to a mixture of local and national stations.

Deliver to the destinations your clients want

Once you and your staff have registered for an account at MediaPro, you will have access to one of the widest range of delivery destinations currently available.

The industry today is served by three or four different ad delivery platforms, each providing access to their own selections of destinations and channels. There are some overlaps, of course, but no single platform covers the full range of destinations. This means that anyone wanting to send ads to multiple TV national and local stations might have to create accounts and use two or three different platforms in order to cover all the destinations.

MediaPro solves the problem by unifying these different delivery networks. Using one tool and one interface, you can quickly send the advertisements to which ever destinations your clients specify. For destinations served by two or more delivery networks, you can compare the speed and prices on offer, and choose to deliver via the one that suits you.


In the past, posting tapes and drives via “snail mail” was a risky venture. Packages could get lost, or the receiving destination might have unexpected issues with the material received.

Today, with ad delivery having moved online, systems like MediaPro are able to track the delivery of your spot order from your initial upload, through to final delivery and first air times. Get clear, up-to-the-minute status indications in the system, or choose to receive an email upon delivery confirmation, which you can then forward on to clients as proof of delivery.

If any issues come up during the process, email alerts ensure that will be the first to know about it. MediaPro’s dynamic interface also helps cut through the clutter by highlighting any potential problems with your orders and spot deliveries.

MediaPro also helps you avoid last minute spot rejections, since the system checks your files during the delivery process to ensure that there are no specification or quality issues, ensuring that they are ready for broadcast by your chosen destinations.

Advertising delivery has come a long way since the “dub and ship” days of tapes and drives. Today, digital distribution throu

.gh the Internet has made the process much faster, secure and traceable. Post-production houses that are yet to offer ad delivery services can benefit from the speed, ease of use and low initial investment needed to integrate distribution into their mix of services. With its wide range of destinations, shallow learning curve, and transparency, MediaPro is the ideal platform for doing so.