Bring More Visibility to Your Brand with the Latest Marketing Trends

How to Spot the Latest Marketing Trends to Bring More Visibility to Your Brand

How can your brand or business stay one step ahead of the latest marketing trends and news?

Through real-time videos, chats and conversations that are taking place in your niche community.

We are in a constant flow of news and information online. The key is to hone is on what is most important to your target market. Last year’s introduction of Instagram Stories was a game changer, and now Snap, Inc., or Snapchat is forging ahead by adding live broadcasts from popular news outlets to its popular trends feed.

So how are we missing out on what our audience is looking for?

As marketers we tend to share our blog articles, the latest videos, and information from other trusted sources in order to build our networks. But this simply isn’t working by itself any more as each platform serves a specific function such as advertising on Facebook and Instagram, hosting a live webinar through YouTube, conducting a live chat session on Twitter, and so on.

According an article on Contently, the newest technology to take a foothold online is instant messaging. They point out that chat apps will make up 75 percent of mobile messaging traffic by 2018, but with only a 2 percent revenue margin:

It’s important to know which marketing strategies are most relevant and effective by studying the latest news and trends in your industry. This includes the overall scope of the state of social media marketing in 2017 and beyond.

For example, Facebook seems to continue to dominate in terms of reaching your community through groups, valuable offers, advertising, and video. Twitter, on the other hand, continues to be a place to reach your followers quickly and communicate with your audience.

In order to best reach your brand followers follow these steps as you plan ahead your campaigns and increase your overall engagement online:

Adjust your focus

Both content marketing and email marketing continue to help marketers build and nurture an audience. Evaluate the other keys areas your community is active in such as SMS messaging and podcast subscriptions. As you plan your content determine whether it would be better served as a blog post, infographic, video, slideshow, ect. in order to get your message out to as many people as possible.

Join relevant groups

Your business can learn a lot from other members in places like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Not only are you connecting with like-minded individuals you are learning from their followers what topics interest them the most. This is a good opportunity to share valuable insights and test out new approaches in your marketing such as posting a how-to video or sparking a conversation about the latest news in your niche.

Research the latest questions and news feeds

Join useful website like Quora, Feedly, and Feed Spot to discover the newest updates in your target market. While you can’t predict everything that will become a trend, watching these websites will help you stay informed and able to pinpoint what’s most important to your community.

Participate in offline events

Go to the places where the top influencers are speaking at and networking in for your industry. Many times there are topics, products, and news that is presented that has not yet been released to the public. This also provides the opportunity to connect with other leaders who can help you find the right direction in your marketing efforts.

Discover what people are looking for in search

While using Google Adwords can help you find the best keywords for your topics Google has also provided a way to discover even more of what people are most interested in online with Knowledge Graph. This more “intelligent search” software provides insights on exactly what your audience is looking for and why. The latest update to mobile makes this tool even more precise as more people choose their smart phones and tablets over their computers for asking questions, making purchases, watching media content, and more.

In order for your brand or business to be ready and flexible for the latest changes online you need to be actively researching and engaging in the places your audience is most present in. Take the time each month to go over which campaigns have been the most effective in reaching more potential customers online.

Those who are ready to take advantage of the latest technology can surpass the competition and reach the most fans and followers for greater visibility.