We all know a company can benefit from a strong social presence. The same goes for sports teams and the brands surrounding them. Sports marketing pros are constantly looking for new ways to keep their viewers supplied with fresh and relevant content. In return, they hope to see their fans take some sort of actions: buying tickets, sharing content, or increasing loyalty. Like the new Adidas Football (soccer) campaign has shown, Tumblr provides the perfect online space for fans to engage with and share sports brands. In honor of UEFA EURO 2012, we decided to look further into Adidas’ new Tumblr page and the sports marketing decisions surrounding it.

Despite Tumblr’s initial skepticism of digital advertising, they have now accepted the advantage of the paid ad. Select companies are now able to promote their brand using Radar, Tumblr’s unique dashboard ad unit that receives over 120 million impressions a day. Despite possible monetary gains, Tumblr is extremely selective about who they will offer this advertising opportunity. Most recently, the company sold a one month sports marketing campaign to Adidas, a global advertiser with an incredible amount of fan support surrounding the 2012 UEFA Championship. Adidas launched their Tumblr with a top-quality video as a sneak preview on what the site will offer.

The Adidas Football Tumblr page features a crisp, artistic aesthetic with static images and videos (many of which showcase Adidas products). Other features include an informative podcast, pictures of emotional fan reactions, and a tribute to various Adidas players over the years. What others may view as entertaining content or art, we see as an excellent sports marketing and branding decision. With easy sharing options and high-quality content, the Adidas Tumblr campaign is sure to be a success.

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