It’s not too late to scare up some new customers by adding a little Halloween fun to your marketing plan. After all, Halloween is huge for retail sales, but it’s also a great time to draw attention to your business.

Check out the Halloween marketing tips below:

Decorate your place of work. Whether it’s an office building, restaurant, or store, give your place of a work a Halloween theme. Your storefront window is a great place for decorations but don’t forget the interior, too.

Update your website. Add some Halloween-inspired images and content to your website and change your company’s logo for the month of October. From pumpkins and witches to ghosts and haunted houses, you have many options to choose from to give your brand some seasonal flair.

Turn your business cards into a treat. Who wouldn’t want to take your business card if it came with a mini candy bar? Purchase a big bag of mini candy bars and hand them out with your business cards either in-store or at an event. This leaves a memorable (and sweet) impression with your customers.

Promote Halloween deals. Even if your business has nothing to do with Halloween, you can still cash in. Offer a special that is only good until Halloween and use an image of a ghost, jack-o-lantern, black cat, candy, etc., in your marketing materials.

Host a safe trick-or-treating event. Advertise that your store will be giving out candy for little ones who come in dressed up either on Halloween or a couple days before. If you can get other businesses close enough in the area to do it too, it can turn into a safe trick-or-treating alternative for kids in your community.

Tell a ghost story. Is your office building supposedly haunted or are there any spooky local legends you can share? If so, consider incorporating them into your marketing plan. Think of your clientele first before implementing this tip, however. If you think a supposedly true ghost story could deter people from coming to your business, don’t share it.

Show off your staff. Have your staff dress up for Halloween and take a company photo. You can use it on your website, in your marketing materials, and on any social media accounts.

Give Halloween safety tips. Show your community you care by offering some tips on how to keep children and pets safe throughout the month of October. You can highlight these in an email newsletter, on your website, and on social media accounts.

Tie it all in with social media. No matter which Halloween marketing tips you choose, you can tie any of them in with social media. Giving away candy with business cards? Tweet about it. Have a spooky local ghost story to tell? Promote it on Facebook. Decorating your office for Halloween? Post pictures. Always remember to cross-promote and it will help you reach more people and maximize your Halloween profit!