Allocating your marketing budget is never an easy task and in the fast-paced digital landscape, companies need to stay relevant in order to build customer relationships and generate revenue. An effective marketing budget means you can properly invest in a variety of integrated communication efforts.

Here are six marketing spends to consider for 2015 that answer these challenges and maximize company revenue.

  1. Market Research

The latest trends in the ever-changing digital realm or identifying new opportunities or threats to your business, effective market research will keep your team informed and your content relatable.

Creating effective messages comes from market insights, which comes from research. Investing in your research is an investment in your content.

  1. Mobile-Optimization

In the digital economy, customers are now using smartphones and tablets more than their laptops and desktops, and companies need to be mindful of maintaining a pleasing user experience across devices.

This means taking the time to invest in Web interfaces that are just as easy to navigate on mobile screens as on a PC monitor.

  1. Professional Lead Generation

One of the most effective and sustainable sources of revenue is lead generation. Companies need to have a high number of leads, as well as high-quality ones that will bring closing sales.

Investing in a service that generates leads allows your team more time to connect with these leads, close sales and optimize your marketing team’s efficiency.

  1. Training

Companies that execute a marketing plan will have greater financial success. Well-trained staff can become a cohesive team that sets a high bar for the work your company produces.

  1. Social Media

As has become evident, social media is the driving force behind connecting with customers. Establishing a presence across multiple platforms is crucial to meet users and engage with them in the areas they engage with others. Building a relationship with each customer is a highly effective way to generate positive brand attitudes—and sales.

  1. Contingency Fund

Finally, a worthwhile investment for 2015 is a contingency plan for trends and unpredicted market changes.

Setting aside funds for a contingency plan is like buying insurance against what promises to be another exciting year in the digital economy.